SalesIntel’s Client-first Approach to Pricing—Reshaping the B2B Data Provider Landscape

SalesIntel’s Client-first Approach to Pricing—Reshaping the B2B Data Provider Landscape

There are many factors to consider when looking for a B2B data provider for your business, or deciding whether to make a switch from, your existing B2B data provider. Decision makers across key buying centers including Sales, Marketing, and the entire go-to-market team look for features, functionalities, and capabilities that will empower them to achieve their goals. 

A reliable B2B data provider will give you:

  • Access to accurate account and contact data
  • Access to go-to-market intelligence through more profound insights into company technographics, firmographics, buyer intent, and more
  • Extensive support to help you get the most out of the platform and services

Now, most SaaS platforms and service providers in the B2B data provider industry today claim to offer those capabilities. With publicly available reviews on platforms such as TrustRadius, G2, and others, it’s not difficult to gather user feedback to understand the pros and cons of using one B2B data provider over another. 

However, there is one thing most B2B data providers have in common.  

Almost everyone has their access to data restricted and limited by a system of credits.

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This is where SalesIntel is leading the change by introducing an unlimited data pricing model designed to enable the entire GTM team to reach maximum revenue potential and maximize ROI across the whole pipeline.

Why Did We Decide To Provide Unlimited Data? 

SalesIntel Founder and CEO, Manoj Ramnani, has been sharing what led the company to lead this change on his LinkedIn feed and blog.  

Imagine if your ICP is 100K companies, but you have to make the tough decision of only reaching out to 20,000 because the data is too expensive. You have to pay for each credit; the overage charges are super high if you go over. Teams, especially now, don’t have the budget. Failure and inefficiency are imminent. Your pipeline will be limited, and so will your success.

SalesIntel’s motive behind revolutionizing the B2B data provider pricing play is to make reliable go-to-market intelligence accessible to organizations of all sizes, not just those who can afford the premium fees. To empower revenue teams of all sizes, we must remove the pricing barrier.

do more with unlimited data

With SalesIntel’s new unlimited pricing plan, companies have unlimited access to their full potential market. Go-to-market teams can test and optimize their ICP without pulling resources away from what is already successful. You can surface in-market hot leads and contact them instantly instead of waiting to receive more credits. 

Unlimited data access means you can move at the fast pace you want. All facets of your GTM pipeline can grow without competing with each other.

Unlimited Credits. Limitless Opportunity. 

Removing the credits barrier to pricing offers several benefits to customers:

    • Simplified budgeting: With the total cost of a SalesIntel contract known when the contract is signed, there are no budgeting complications or need for purchasing additional credits or segments later.   
    • Unrestricted access across the GTM team: RevOps teams do not need to allocate credits and monitor the usage of credits across multiple teams at any point in time throughout the year.
    • No data decay: Marketing teams can run data enrichment or use website visitor tracking as frequently as they would like – always retaining accurate actionable data and limiting the possibility of data decay on their account and contact data.
    • Surface new ICPs: Marketing teams can regularly analyze and expand their ICP portfolio and test new verticals without worrying about exhausting credits when running exploratory searches that can potentially result in millions of dollars worth of opportunity.
    • Easy access to data on the CRM: Sales reps can research and sync key contacts to their outreach or CRM system without the fear of exhausting their allotted credits, thus allowing them to work without wasting time on data management. 
    • Go to market intelligence for the entire GTM team: All contact, technographic, firmographic, and news data credits are unlimited. Every team has full access to all the data they need. No more fights between sales and marketing over data usage.

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