Create predictable pipeline growth.

Accelerate demand generation across the entire organization.

Effectively score leads


More qualified leads at scale.

Optimize your campaign outreach with our unmatched B2B sales intelligence to accelerate conversion rates and exceed your marketing goals.

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Increase inbound pipeline growth.

Accurate B2B sales intelligence is the foundation of every GTM strategy. From the ability to size your addressable market to efficient spend and lead automations, you need to lead your organization in the right direction.

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Improve outbound pipeline efficiency.

Routinely empower your sales force to target the right companies for your business with accurate account intelligence like intent data and account technographics and firmographics. This helps you prioritize in-market accounts, increase pipeline velocity and make your individual reps twice as productive.

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Enhanced sales and marketing alignment.

Marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin. It’s time to leverage the same intelligence to make data-based, joint decisions that will allow the entire organization to go to market together and drive your ROI.

Email real people.

Maximize email deliverability and build your funnel fast with accurate, human-verified emails combined with marketing intelligence such as buyer intent data and VisitorIntel.

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Understand your ideal buyer.

Identify every prospect’s buyer intent at each stage of the buyer’s journey, score leads, and accurately identify the correct decision-makers at ideal target companies before your competition.

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Hyper-target at scale.

Get key insights on your target company’s technology stack, build ICPs and deliver personalized messages to targeted buyer personas with high delivery rates on emails and higher call connection rates for maximum impact.

Amplify lead volume and velocity →

Understand your prospects needs

Get the inside scoop.

Convert anonymous website visitors into potential customers with actionable insights into the companies that are visiting your website, and accurate data to connect with decision-makers within those companies.

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Equip your sales team with priority leads

Easy and immediate segmentation with SalesIntel data

“All of the campaigns we’ve run in the U.S. using SalesIntel data have been successful.”

Christine Cockerton

CEO & Founder


The key to predictable B2B pipeline growth, comprehensive, quality account data.

Help your go-to-market teams generate more leads and grow pipeline faster thanks to our complete B2B data toolset that lets you pinpoint ICPs and personalize outreach.

icon-Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Identify and reach the right decision-makers at the right accounts with our accurate B2B data combined with insights that help you to shorten sales cycles, lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), and grow predictable revenue.

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Advanced Search Filters

Easily narrow down our 95% accurate human-verified database into your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) with technographic, firmographic, location, and industry search.

icon-Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Schedule your database for automatic enrichment or apply filters to get the exact missing data points you need manually. Never let bad or missing data hold your sales and marketing team back.

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Intent Data

Identify the correct decision-maker at the ideal company at the right time by combining buyer intent data with the accurate contact information you need to connect with buyers faster.

icon-Research on Demand

Research on Demand

Expedite human-verification of your existing contacts, track their progress, and set them to auto export to your email marketing system or CRM—all from within the SalesIntel portal!

icon-Contact and Company Data


Build prospect lists and export them directly to popular CRMs and marketing automation systems with ease thanks to native integrations and seamless compatibility with leading CRMs and marketing automation systems.

What marketing teams need to know.

  • How does SalesIntel help improve B2B marketing campaign results?

    Personalization and chasing quality prospects are at the core of any marketing campaign. The information you get using SalesIntel is what you need to hyper-personalize your marketing campaigns.

    • SalesIntel’s in-depth and verified B2B insights allow marketers to build more accurate buyer personas.
    • You get accurate email addresses to execute your email campaigns.
    • Using buyer Intent Data and VisitorIntel, you make sure that you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

    SalesIntel also helps you execute your account-based marketing strategy effectively and with a conversion-focused approach.

  • Why is SalesIntel a better choice for marketers regarding lead generation tools?

    Lead quality in B2B lead generation is more crucial than volume. With SalesIntel, marketers are now able to:

    • Keep website forms shorter than ever thanks to access to our data enrichment feature.
    • Understand buyer’s intent before reaching out to them using Buyer Intent data.
    • Bring accuracy to executing your ABM strategy and take a data-driven approach.
    • Prioritize prospects and leads better.
    • Pass more qualified leads to sales teams in record time, helping them spend more time selling.

    Here are our success stories as a reliable data partner.

  • What type of B2B data does SalesIntel provide to marketers?

    You get access to millions of human-verified datasets covering C-Suite, decision-maker, account-level, and contact-level data points. As a marketer, you can take advantage of:

    • Human-verified email addresses for your email campaigns.
    • Technographic and firmographic data for accurate segmentation.
    • VisitorIntel and Buyer Intent Data for identifying and reaching the right audience.
    • Data enrichment to understand your prospects and targeted accounts completely.

Ready to connect with your ideal buyer?

Ready to connect with your ideal buyer