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Arke Case Study

About Arke: 

Arke is a full-service design and technology consultancy comprised of 80+ experts with diverse backgrounds in Strategy, User Experience, Design, and Enterprise Development united by the common goal of making digital experiences more human.

With a wide array of clients across industries including Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, and Construction, Arke’s core mission is to change the way brands approach digital and to create defining moments to connect more meaningfully with their customers.


As an eight-year ZoomInfo customer, Arke had grown weary of a constant battle of upselling,  cross-selling, and frequent contract renegotiations from its provider. Specifically, Arke needed a real-time API integration to ensure all company and contact data was up-to-date and accurate without being charged an astronomical fee.

“Every time we turned around, it was all about upsell – and that upsell wasn’t slight. It was big”… “A lot of our information and all of our contacts got stale because we didn’t have that [API] connectivity with ZoomInfo.” – Michael Stewart, Director of Partner Marketing/Alliances at Arke

Finally, as Arke looked to onboard a new CRM, the company needed a partner to provide a robust API integration to streamline and enhance its sales and marketing workflows without manually pulling data from multiple platforms. 


After comparing data from SalesIntel, ZoomInfo, and Apollo, Arke found SalesIntel to be a superior fit for its needs owing to its data quality, robust Hubspot CRM integration, and API access. 

By leveraging SalesIntel’s API and CRM integration, Arke continuously updates its contact and company data, ensuring its sales and marketing teams work with the most accurate data possible – all without excessive budget impact. “The API has been a game changer for us from an enrichment perspective. And pulling technographics directly into Hubspot has been a huge benefit for Arke,” Michael says.

Arke has also found tremendous success leveraging SalesIntel’s intent signals across its marketing efforts to cross-reference and identify common target accounts to pursue with its industry Tech partners. “The thing I found is with the Bombora intent integration; it was way better than what we had at ZoomInfo – way better! Just being able to triangulate and piece that [intent] puzzle together has been a huge advantage for us. ” Michael says.


By bringing SalesIntel within the organization, Arke has built a highly efficient and effective sales and marketing engine to drive revenue.

Arke Case Study

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With SalesIntel’s robust HubSpot integration in its corner, Arke’s sales and marketing teams are spending less time copying & pasting data from disparate platforms into their CRM, and more time prospecting and outbounding. “I believe that the integrations and the data stream coming from SalesIntel takes loads of work off my plate. Now I can focus on things that help move the revenue needle,”  he says.

Finally, Arke has been very pleased with the post-sale support SalesIntel has continued to provide throughout the partnership. 

“There’s no comparison, the support from SalesIntel has been a giant benefit for Arke”… “If I could give a 10+ for a satisfaction rating, I would”! – Michael Stewart