Access Comprehensive Quality Data Using Our REST API

Enrich your platform, application or systems of records with B2B data sourced directly from SalesIntel APIs. Four different APIs are available including account firmographics, account technographics, human-verified contact data, and account news data with trial access available to qualified companies.

Access industry's most accurate data using our REST API


SalesIntel’s API and Use Cases.

Build and scale your platform or systems with SalesIntel’s unmatched data quality available through secure REST API.

Account Technographic Data APIs.

Reveal the tech landscape for over 22 million companies across 18,000 technologies. Get accurate and relevant tech installs results on systems of your choice using our API.

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Account Technographic Data APIs

Account Firmographic Data APIs.

Access vital B2B attributes across 22 million companies and integrate this data directly into your systems.

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Account Firmographic Data APIs

Contacts APIs.

Access over 120 million B2B contacts, including 18 million decision makers and 54 million mobile & direct dials. Use industry’s highest quality B2B contact data in systems of your choice.

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Contacts APIs

Company News APIs.

Reveal the news alerts for 22 million companies sourced from 7,600+ publications and nearly one million stories updated daily. Get news articles for companies specified by domain, category or specific type of news of interest, along with publication or extraction dates. Append accurate and relevant news results on systems of your choice.

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news api - salesintel

What Product & Engineering teams need to know.

  • Who uses SalesIntel?

    SalesIntel helps go-to-market teams including Sales, Marketing, Revenue, and Customer Success find accurate account data and contact information for prospects. Learn more about our solutions for Sales, SDRs & BDRs, Marketing and RevOps teams. Through access to our REST API, we offer Product & Engineering teams access to the most accurate B2B contact and account data to build and scale their products and leverage our data across a variety of use cases.

  • How do you maintain high accuracy and avoid data decay?

    Our research team is equipped with advanced tools and works consciously to reverify our data every 90 days, thereby preventing data decay and redundancies.

    SalesIntel employs an active data research team, unlike other data providers who amalgamate the internet scrapings of two or more data companies. Since most of the data you receive from us will be human-verified, you can fully trust its accuracy, whereas other data companies only verify based on an algorithm that follows a particular email pattern.

    If you need human-verified data on a specific company or prospect that’s not already covered in SalesIntel’s database, send us a research-on-demand (ROD) request. Our certified ROD researchers can deliver you the requested data with human verification within a matter of just hours.

  • What type of contact and company data does SalesIntel provide?

    Unlike other B2B data providers, SalesIntel doesn’t limit your access to specific data. Along with human-verified demographic data and human-verified email addresses, you get access to a broad spectrum of data that includes:

    • Firmographic data to help you create a targeted list of prospects using company location(s), employee size, industry, and annual revenue.
    • Technographic data to target companies based on the technology or tools they use.
    • Buyer Intent data to help you quickly identify and reach ready-to-buy prospects. It also helps you prioritize your leads to speed up your sales cycle.
    • News data to give you company and industry news to better understand and identify ready to buy accounts.

    VisitorIntel to help you recognize anonymous website visitors and provides the data for reaching them before they reach you.

  • Is the SalesIntel API easy to use?

    Product and Engineering teams can easily Integrate our data into their systems of choice and append the desired account or contact data to make it available in the application of their choice. Our easy to use REST API that returns JSON search results. You can integrate this data into your CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, and your proprietary systems.