Looking for B2B Marketing at B2C Scale?

Build your brand via targeted programmatic advertising with AdsIntel by SalesIntel.

With 800 syndicated or custom audience segments available via all major DMPs and DSPs, we provide 70% incremental audience reach to ZoomInfo with a 97% match rate on LiveRamp.


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Why Now?

It’s a noisy, fragmented, competitive world for B2B marketers. We need new, innovative ways to build brand, scale our ABM efforts, and break through the competitive clutter.

  • Programmatic advertising has emerged as an excellent vehicle driving reach and frequency for B2C marketers. Now it’s an option for B2B marketers too.
  • B2B decision makers are consumers like you and me. Targeting them with your B2B ads outside the typical channels will set your brand apart from your competition.
  • The rise of remote work and the omnipresence of mobile devices means you can reach your B2B buyer anytime, anywhere.

What is AdsIntel?

  • AdsIntel allows B2B marketers to scale their targeted ABM campaigns to 1,600+ detailed B2B segments using scaled, quality account and contact data from SalesIntel.
  • AdsIntel supports custom segments based on account technology installs, job titles, and company firmographics from 22M+ companies and 100M+ B2B professionals.
  • Target programmatically using high-quality, deterministic intelligence allowing you to reach business decision-makers within your ICP.


Where Is AdsIntel Available?

  • AdsIntel is available via LiveRamp, the Trade Desk, Xandr, Google 360, StackAdapt, or Semcasting.
  • With a 97% match rate on LiveRamp and 70% incremental audience to ZoomInfo, your B2B marketing campaign will scale your brand in no time!

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Why SalesIntel?

Highest quality B2B intelligence

The industry’s highest quality B2B intelligence is now available to integrate with your preferred DSP or DMP.
– 300M technology and firmographic details profiled
across 22M+ unique accounts
– 90M+ email-verified contacts including 17M+,
95% accurate human-verified decision-makers,
with role and seniority data

Precisely define your target

Precisely define your target or use our 1,600+ segments. Combine rich, detailed account and contact data to maximize your reach and optimize your targeting to scale your B2B ABM campaigns for the best possible ROI.

Execute ABM with more scale.

Pinpoint exactly who sees your ads to effectively execute and scale retargeting and ABM campaigns.

Deterministic B2B2C graph

The industry’s only deterministic B2B2C graph. Leverage deterministic offline data for your online campaigns with GDPR and CCPA-compliant first-party application data. No need to rely on weak cookies to derive account and contact titles.


“The integration of SalesIntel business intelligence into ADS brings actionable account technographic data to our clients to improve their top of funnel prospect quality, scale of coverage and digital reach.”

– Mike Skladony, GM of consumer services at Semcasting

Where can I get SalesIntel data segments?

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adsintel - salesintel

adsintel - salesintel

adsintel - salesintel

and dozens of other programmatic platforms