Finding the Best ZoomInfo Alternative: SalesIntel

ZoomInfo remains the most popular sales intelligence platform but given many of its shortfalls – from poor data quality to high costs, customers are actively looking for better alternatives. SalesIntel is a ZoomInfo competitor that has emerged as the best alternative for customers who want a product like ZoomInfo but without any of its shortcomings.

Here we make a head-to-head comparison between ZoomInfo and SalesIntel on various benchmarks to see which one of them comes out on top. The benchmarks for comparison include:

  1. Database Size
  2. Data Quality
  3. Features
  4. Contract Obligations
  5. Pricing

Round 1: Database Size

ZoomInfo claims to have the largest B2B database with over 80M emails and 46M direct dials which are impressive numbers by all accounts. There are, however, two problems customers should take into account that put these numbers in perspective: 

I. Redundancies

ZoomInfo’s database isn’t one but an amalgamation of numerous data providers that were acquired and combined – RainKing and DiscoverOrg being the largest ones. The point is that most data providers have large overlaps between their data and merging databases creates a lot of redundancies. So if ZoomInfo acquires DiscoverOrg’s 5M contacts, it doesn’t necessarily mean the total number of unique entries grows by 5M. Additionally, these data sets often remained siloed after the acquisition for a period of time, meaning you cannot access all of the data in one place, and often not without upgrading your contract.

II. Segmentation

ZoomInfo segregates its database into numerous functionalities and it sells licenses, not for a comprehensive solution but only specific functions. So a client who has a ZoomInfo license for say, direct dials, can’t access mobile numbers. This means that while ZoomInfo has a large database, its clients can’t access most of it. Unless of course, they pay additional fees for each of the functions that increases costs exponentially.

SalesIntel also has a very large database with over 60M contacts including email, direct dials, and also 48M mobile numbers. The best part, however, is that each of SalesIntel’s clients gets access to the entire database, resulting in access to much more data than ZoomInfo.

VERDICT: SalesIntel Wins

Though ZoomInfo has a slightly larger database, SalesIntel’s clients actually get access to more data.

Round 2: Data Quality

The data at ZoomInfo is mostly machine-processed and thus has significant gaps in quality. If you factor in the redundancies and lack of any re-verification process, the data continues to degrade and bring down sales efficiency. It isn’t uncommon for ZoomInfo customers to dial a prospect only to find they have left the company a year ago. Look no further than running a search on employees at a company like Toys ”R” Us who declared bankruptcy in 2017 and ceased operations in 2018, but ZoomInfo still lists as employing 64,000 people.

SalesIntel has a large database of 5M+ human-verified contacts that are guaranteed to be 95% accurate and follow a 90-day re-verification cycle to maintain that quality. With 140k new contacts verified every week, the database continues to quickly grow in size as well.

But of course, don’t just take our word for it. Look at what the clients have to say about data quality on both the platforms:

ZoomInfo Review:

SalesIntel Review:SalesIntel Review

VERDICT: SalesIntel Wins

SalesIntel has markedly better data quality than ZoomInfo.


Round 3: Features

Contact data is only a part of what ZoomInfo or SalesIntel offers. There are tons of other features that make prospecting easy and help close deals faster. Some of the features include:


While it may appear ZoomInfo and SalesIntel provide technographic data
of relatively the same quality and scale, SalesIntel partners with HG
Insights to bring the best quality technographic data to their users.


Intent Data

Both ZoomInfo and SalesIntel provide intent data but while ZoomInfo’s intent data comes from an in-house engine, SalesIntel has partnered with the market leader Bombora to provide its customers with the best intent data in the market.



Both ZoomInfo and SalesIntel offer data enrichment but SalesIntel enriches customer’s CRM with human-verified data while ZoomInfo’s enrichment utilizes less reliable machine-processed data. When the whole point of enrichment is enhancing the quality of your data you obviously want to use the most reliable data, not inject new errors into the system.



SalesIntel provides a one of a kind, Research-on-Demand service where if we don’t have the data our customers need, customers can provide us with a list of names and titles and we go get the requisite information for them. With ZoomInfo, if clients do not find the data they want, there is nothing they can do about it.

VERDICT: SalesIntel Wins

While Both ZoomInfo and SalesIntel provide basically the same features, SalesIntel has better quality and Research-on-Demand.

Round 4: Contract Obligations

ZoomInfo is known to lock-in its customers into renewals through fine print in their contract. Be it advance auto-renewal or increased renewal billing, many customers only realize their contract obligations after they have signed on the dotted line. SalesIntel strives for 100% transparency where its customers are made aware of each of the minutest details before the contract is signed. No hidden charges, no fine print, no auto-renewal, nothing!

ZoomInfo customer reviews:

VERDICT: SalesIntel Wins

SalesIntel’s contract is 100% transparent and with no fine print.

Round 5: Pricing

The license fees of both ZoomInfo and SalesIntel are pretty much the same. The difference, however, lies in the detail. Each license gives customers a certain number of ‘credits’ to reveal or export contact details. ZoomInfo provides far fewer number of credits for the same license fee as SalesIntel. So if you calculate cost per contact, ZooomInfo turns out to be way more expensive than SalesIntel.

Also, ZoomInfo has additional charges for specific data sets. So even if you have a ZoomInfo license and want to access mobile numbers, you’ll have to pay extra. SalesIntel’s license fee is all-inclusive.

VERDICT: SalesIntel Wins

Despite the same license fee, SalesIntel provides many more export ‘credits’ per dollar and access to more data.

Final Verdict: SalesIntel is the best alternative to ZoomInfo

With more accessible data, better quality, excellent features, and lower cost, SalesIntel beats ZoomInfo on all the benchmarks and is the best choice for customers looking for a ZoomInfo alternative.

Customers Who Made The Right Choice

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