SalesIntel PredictiveIntent Vs. ZoomInfo Intent Signals

SalesIntel PredictiveIntent Vs. ZoomInfo Intent Signals

Intent data has emerged as a powerful tool for sales and marketing teams, enabling them to prioritize leads and focus their efforts on the most promising opportunities.

SalesIntel and ZoomInfo are prominent players in intent data solutions, offering unique approaches to harnessing buyer intent. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent and ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals, helping you understand their features, benefits, and use cases, empowering you to make an informed decision for your sales strategy.

1. The Importance of Intent Data in Modern Sales

Intent data refers to the information derived from various indicators that signify a potential buyer’s interest or intention to purchase. This data provides valuable insights into a prospect’s behavior, preferences, and stage in the buying cycle. By leveraging intent data, sales teams can significantly enhance their sales strategies by:

Identifying high-potential leads: Intent data allows sales teams to prioritize leads that demonstrate a genuine interest in the product or service, enabling them to focus their efforts on prospects more likely to convert.

Personalizing engagement: By understanding potential buyers’ specific needs and preferences through intent data, sales professionals can tailor their messaging and approach to resonate with the prospects, leading to more meaningful and productive interactions.

Shortening sales cycles: With access to real-time intent data, sales teams can engage with prospects at the right time, ensuring that they strike when the buyer’s interest is at its peak, thus accelerating the overall sales cycle.

2. Overview of SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent and ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent is a robust solution that equips revenue teams with a comprehensive suite of intent signals. It allows users to find and prioritize best-fit accounts by integrating various signals, including VisitorIntel, News, and Bombora intent, all within the SalesIntel platform. This comprehensive approach gives users multiple insights to target and engage potential buyers effectively.

ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals

ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals is a specialized platform that leverages a vast contact and company information database to identify prospects exhibiting specific buying behaviors. The platform emphasizes precise targeting and enables sales teams to deliver highly relevant and timely communications to prospects, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

3. Significance of Choosing the Right Intent Data Solution for Sales Strategies

Selecting the right intent data solution is crucial for the success of a sales strategy. The significance lies in:

Maximizing efficiency and productivity: A suitable intent data solution streamlines identifying and engaging with high-potential leads, enabling sales teams to optimize their workflow and allocate resources more effectively.

Enhancing targeting precision: The right intent data solution provides accurate and timely insights into buyer behavior, allowing sales professionals to target their efforts more precisely and tailor their approach to their prospects’ specific needs and preferences.

Driving revenue growth: An effective intent data solution can significantly impact the bottom line by increasing the conversion rate, shortening sales cycles, and ensuring that sales efforts focus on prospects with the highest likelihood of purchasing.

Recognizing the importance of intent data, understanding the unique features of SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent and ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals, and choosing the right solution for sales strategies are key elements in a modern sales approach.

What is SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent?

Revenue teams know that more intent signals lead to shorter sales cycles and more closed deals. When used alongside VisitorIntel, News, and Bombora intent, SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent gives customers multiple signals to find and prioritize best-fit accounts – all within the SalesIntel platform.

What is Predictive Intent

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent combines signals from its proprietary data engine through website visitor tracking, company news, and publisher data. In addition to publisher data, PredictiveIntent uses modern AI models to ingest multiple data sets, including:

  • 100M+ contacts
  • News data and alert triggers
  • Account firmographic growth signals
  • Account tech install and adoption
  • Research, survey, and interview data
  • Exclusive partnership data that tracks the interaction between buyers and sellers through the buying journeys (e.g., online and in-person events)

With SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent, GTM teams:

  • Shorten sales cycles and increase deal velocity
  • Capture more leads earlier
  • Catch leads before competitors
  • Leverage multiple signals to inform a comprehensive GTM motion
  • Build better ABM marketing efforts
  • Deliver targeted paid ad strategies
  • Increase their ROI

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent is a comprehensive and powerful tool that equips sales teams with sophisticated intent signals, enabling them to efficiently identify and prioritize the most promising accounts.

Let’s delve into the details of SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent.

1. Integration with VisitorIntel, News, and Bombora Intent Data

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent is designed to work seamlessly with other powerful features within the SalesIntel ecosystem. It integrates with VisitorIntel, allowing users to comprehensively understand website visitors and their behavior. Additionally, it incorporates News and Bombora intent data, providing users with a holistic view of potential buyers, including their recent activities, interests, and engagement patterns.

2. Advantages of Multiple Intent Signals for Identifying and Prioritizing Accounts

The integration of multiple intent signals offers several distinct advantages for sales teams. By combining data from various sources, SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent provides a more comprehensive and accurate representation of a prospect’s intent and interest. This multifaceted approach enables sales professionals to prioritize accounts based on a holistic understanding of their behavior, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales strategies.

3. Impact on Sales Cycles and Closed Deals:

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent significantly impacts sales cycles and the overall success rate of closed deals. By enabling sales teams to focus their efforts on accounts that exhibit the highest intent signals, the platform helps shorten the sales cycle significantly. Moreover, the enhanced targeting and personalized approach facilitated by PredictiveIntent contributes to increased conversion rates and improved deal closures, ultimately leading to accelerated revenue growth for the organization.

Additionally, the ability to tailor outreach and engagement based on comprehensive intent data has resulted in more meaningful interactions with prospects and higher customer satisfaction.

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent can be a game-changer for businesses aiming to streamline their sales processes and achieve sustainable revenue growth.

What are ZoomInfo Intent Signals

ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals help sales and marketing teams identify and engage with prospects displaying active buying behaviors. It provides users with a comprehensive overview of the intent data derived from various sources, offering insights into potential leads’ online activities and engagement levels.

1. Utilization of Vast Contact and Company Data for Precise Targeting

One of the key features of ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals is its integration with a vast database of contact and company information. This integration enables users to leverage a rich data pool, including firmographic details, contact information, and historical engagement data. By harnessing this extensive dataset, sales teams can target precisely and focus their efforts on prospects that align with their ideal customer profiles.

2. Emphasis on Identifying Prospects Displaying Specific Buying Behaviors

ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals strongly emphasizes identifying prospects who exhibit specific buying behaviors. By analyzing online activities, content consumption patterns, and other relevant signals, the platform enables sales teams to pinpoint prospects actively researching or displaying interest in particular products or services. This emphasis allows sales professionals to tailor their outreach and engagement strategies accordingly, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

3. User-Friendly Interface and Streamlined Workflow for Efficient Engagement

ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals platform is known for its user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow, simplifying identifying and engaging with high-potential leads. The platform’s intuitive design and seamless integration with existing sales and marketing tools ensure that users can easily access and leverage intent data without encountering significant operational hurdles. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall engagement efficiency and enables sales teams to optimize their outreach efforts effectively.

Competitive Analysis – SalesIntel PredictiveIntent vs. ZoomInfo Intent Signals

ZoomInfo Intent Data and SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent are both powerful tools that aim to provide valuable insights into buyer intent, but they differ in several key aspects.

Data Sources and Integration
    • ZoomInfo Intent Data primarily leverages a vast database of contact and company information to identify prospects exhibiting specific buying behaviors. It relies on its extensive data repository for precise targeting.
    • In contrast, SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent integrates various sources such as VisitorIntel, News, and Bombora intent data, offering a comprehensive suite of intent signals to identify and prioritize best-fit accounts.
Focus and Approach
    • ZoomInfo Intent Data emphasizes the identification of prospects displaying specific buying behaviors, focusing on timely and targeted engagement based on these behaviors.
    • SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent focuses on providing a holistic view of potential buyers, leveraging multiple intent signals to enable precise targeting and effective lead prioritization.


Approach to collection

ZoomInfo’s approach to buyer intent data is often criticized for its broad assumptions. ZoomInfo customers are required to assume that ad exchange clicks directly signify companies showing genuine interest in purchasing the advertised services. However, this approach has significant drawbacks.

  1. Firstly, accidental and unintentional clicks are prevalent on web pages, leading to potential misinterpretations of buyer intent. Many individuals may have inadvertently clicked on an ad, resulting in an unexpected pop-up or redirect to a new website.
  2. Secondly, a single click on an ad may merely indicate a fleeting curiosity if the ad is appealing, without necessarily signifying the culmination of a buyer’s journey.

SalesIntel PredictiveIntent is comparatively new so it may not have the wide coverage as ZoomInfo if considered alone. However, SalesIntel provides the most trusted intent data from Bombora. The combined power of Bombora’s Intent Data and SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent data becomes a huge asset for the users.

User Interface and Workflow

  • ZoomInfo Intent Signals is known for its user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow, simplifying the process of identifying and engaging with high-potential leads.
  • SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent, while comprehensive, may require some initial training due to its extensive integration capabilities, ensuring a deeper understanding of buyer behavior.

Emphasis on Accuracy and Timeliness

  • SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent is noted for its accuracy and use of multiple data sources, providing users with a nuanced understanding of buyer behavior and enabling precise targeting and effective lead prioritization.
  • ZoomInfo Intent Signals focuses on timely engagement, enabling users to interact with prospects at the optimal moment, thus fostering meaningful interactions and driving faster sales cycles.

Understanding these differences is crucial for businesses looking to leverage intent data effectively. While ZoomInfo Intent Signals emphasizes a streamlined and efficient engagement approach, SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent provides a comprehensive and accurate view of buyer intent for precise targeting and successful conversions.

Boost Sales Success with SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent

While both ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals and SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent offer valuable insights into buyer behavior, the approaches and focus of each platform differ significantly.

ZoomInfo’s Intent Signals provide a user-friendly interface and highlight specific buying behaviors, enabling efficient engagement with prospects. However, its reliance on potentially ambiguous data sources, such as ad clicks, may lead to misinterpretations and incomplete insights into buyer intent.

On the other hand, SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent stands out with its comprehensive and accurate approach, integrating multiple sources of intent data within the SalesIntel platform. By providing users with a more nuanced understanding of buyer behavior and precise targeting capabilities, SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent empowers sales teams to make informed decisions and drive successful conversions.

For organizations seeking a reliable and robust solution to leverage intent data effectively, SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent emerges as a clear choice. With its emphasis on accuracy and comprehensive data integration, it equips businesses with the tools needed to prioritize leads, shorten sales cycles, and drive sustainable revenue growth.

Make an informed decision today and harness the power of SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent to unlock the full potential of your sales strategies. Elevate your sales game and stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace with SalesIntel’s unparalleled precision and comprehensive insights into buyer intent.