Why Pick SalesIntel Over ZoomInfo and Other Companies Like ZoomInfo

Why Pick SalesIntel Over ZoomInfo and Other Companies Like ZoomInfo

As professionals, we always want to make the best choice. No one wants to realize they’ve locked themselves into a bad contract or have wasted their budget. When choosing software vendors, it’s easy to default to picking the biggest player. How many of us assume Salesforce is the best CRM solution?

However, when comparing B2B data solutions, the biggest doesn’t guarantee the best. The ideal data solution for you should be the most accurate, reliable, and actionable for your team.

You’ll need to directly compare SalesIntel and other B2B data companies like ZoomInfo to see which is best for your unique circumstances. Let’s go over why picking a data vendor is tricky and why SalesIntel could be the best fit for you.

Why More Data Doesn’t Guarantee Your Necessary Data

When comparing data vendors, you’ll want the one with the most data, right? Makes sense that you want the lowest price per data point. The provider with the most data would have the lowest price per data point and most likely to have the data you need, right?

Not necessarily! Quality and focus matter. If I’m looking to buy a unique replacement car part, I’m not going to Amazon. I’m checking with the car manufacturer or an auto part specialty store. Amazon has infinitely more items for sale than an auto shop, but I’ll unlikely be able to find the exact, high-quality part I’m looking for.

ZoomInfo and other companies like them have the most contact data. But they’re also more likely to have duplicates, inaccuracies, and irrelevant data for your business. Having 100,000 contacts at companies that can’t buy my product is worthless compared to 100 decision-makers in my target industry.

Use Your Ideal Client Profile for Comparing Data Providers

When shopping for a data provider, you’ll want to test drive each vendor and compare data quality and breadth. You’ll want to evaluate their relevance and value for your team.

Instead of picking a random segment of data to compare between providers, you’ll want to see how well a provider targets your ideal client profile (ICP). Your ICP is the specific company segments and contact roles you need to power your sales and marketing. Here are more details on how to build your ICP if you haven’t already set one. 

Once you have your ICP, you can filter the data to see how much is relevant to your business. Unless you target a vast audience, you’ll likely find fewer than one million contacts your team could use. Once you’ve narrowed the data to what’s relevant, you can start comparing numbers and accuracy.

Let’s review the reasons SalesIntel could be your pick over ZoomInfo.

1. Data Accuracy: The Foundation of Effective Outreach

While companies like ZoomInfo take the lead in data quantity, SalesIntel has always been focused on data quality. SalesIntel employs a rigorous data verification process that ensures the information provided is extensive and reliable. This commitment to accuracy is reflected in lower bounce rates, increased email deliverability, and higher call connection rates for your team.

Our data comes from hundreds of researchers and our proprietary data feed, which is all human-verified by calling contact phone numbers, sending emails, verifying and updating titles, and confirming company data like tech stack, location, and more. Every contact and company is reverified every 90 days by our team to maintain ~95% accuracy of our data and the highest number of direct dial numbers in the industry

2. Comprehensive Database Access

ZoomIno charges extra for direct dial numbers and for data on additional industries. The initial quoted price might not be for all the industries and data points you expect. Instead, other add-ons and fees pile up until you’re paying significantly more than you initially thought you would.

SalesIntel includes every industry and direct dial numbers without any extra charge. Our goal is for you to have unlimited access to our data. There is no discovering you’re locked out of the data you need. Always check if the data plan you’re considering includes all the firmographic, technographic, and contact details you need for segmentation, ABM, and contact outreach.

3. No Data Destroy Clause

How would you feel if all the data in your CRM suddenly disappeared? Hundreds of qualified leads, months of pipeline, and thousands of contacts are all suddenly gone. Your sales funnel would collapse.
Marketing would come to a screeching halt. Your CRM safeguards your data. It maintains backups to prevent this from ever happening.

Yet, there is still another way you can lose your data.

Some data providers – including ZoomInfo – have clauses in their contracts that demand you delete all their data you have exported to your CRM from your database when you unsubscribe from their platform
and services. Many are not aware of this clause until it is too late and it’s then pointed out in the fine print/T&Cs of the contract.


Data destroy clause. SalesIntel blog.

Source: Redditt


Now you might think, how would they know whether I have deleted data from my CRM? Well, there are ways to figure it out. For example, one common practice is that these data providers seed a few dummy emails in the contacts their customers export. Let’s call these emails “trackers.” So if you continue to use the data after unsubscribing, you could unknowingly send emails to one of these trackers, and the data provider who monitors that account will know. At this point, they’ll have all the leverage to strong-arm you into either purchasing their license or potentially facing legal action.

With SalesIntel, we don’t require you to delete data from us if you decide to switch data providers. Your sales funnel won’t suddenly disappear overnight. You get to decide which vendor you want based on service
instead of worrying about damage to your pipeline.

Who Owns the Data in Your CRM? SalesIntel Blog

4. Research-on-Demand Access

SalesIntel’s unique “Research-on-Demand” service remains an essential feature. No data vendor can have 100% data completion without significant gaps, particularly at the lower end, i.e., SMBs. You can license a data platform like ZoomInfo only to discover you are frequently missing the contacts you need for outreach.

With SalesIntel, there is no such risk. Our Research-on-Demand team is always on hand to look for missing data segments and help you find the data you need. Our team saves countless hours your sales reps would otherwise have to spend searching for and scrubbing data.

5. Award winning Customer Support

The customer’s word will always carry more weight than the company’s word. That’s why we believe review sites like G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, Trustpilot, and even LinkedIn are the best platforms to evaluate data providers.

‘ZoomInfo has been in the industry for a long time, but SalesIntel has already made it to the top of the preferred ZoomInfo alternative list.’

Social proof is the best kind of marketing, so we like to share what our customers have to say about us. Read some of our customers’ G2 reviews here.

6. Cost-Effective Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

While ZoomInfo is an industry giant, SalesIntel stands out by offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of data and customer support. We frequently have customers who have decided to switch from companies like ZoomInfo because the cost hasn’t matched the service.

SalesIntel’s pricing focuses on giving you unlimited data access with high-quality customer service. There’s no hidden contract fees. You can always contact a real support person to help with everything from learning how to use the platform to integrating SalesIntel into your current tech stack.

SalesIntel prides itself on transparency and customer service. You shouldn’t have to pay a massive premium to be treated with care and urgency.

Elevate Your B2B Marketing and Sales with SalesIntel

While ZoomInfo and similar companies are formidable players, SalesIntel offers a compelling alternative that excels in data accuracy, comprehensiveness, real-time updates, user-friendly features, and cost-effectiveness.

As your data provider, our goal is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our outreach efforts. We don’t want to just provide a giant pile of data. We want to help your revenue and success grow. By choosing SalesIntel over ZoomInfo and other companies like ZoomInfo, you’re not just making a switch; you’re making a strategic investment in the success of your marketing and sales initiatives.

Ready to find the best B2B data for your team? Explore the power of SalesIntel and discover why more and more professionals are making the switch.