Accurate insights on your prospects’ technology stack.

Work with regularly updated technographic data so you can reach out to prospects already interested in the product or services you offer.

SalesIntel’s modern classification, robust
300M data-point coverage, and intuitive
taxonomy set a new standard for B2B
technographic data.

“A new entrant into the technographics data market is welcomed by the industry. It helps fuel the innovation needed for the marketing and sales community to optimize increasingly complex modern go-to-market strategies.”

GTM Partners

Our technographic data is better.

Updates when they matter.

We make routine technographic data updates, including adding new technologies on an ongoing basis. These updates are made available to clients within days, not the months and years typical of aging technographic data sources.

Data on your terms.

Export technographic data directly to your CRM and marketing and sales automation platforms. This ease of access improves audience segmentation, fills in key knowledge for sales conversations, and more

Modern, intuitive organization of data.

Discover actionable insights on who purchases what technologies and how they are implemented, thanks to our robust data classification and organization that reflects today’s market for revenue teams.

Understand your prospect’s needs.

With accurate technographic segmentation, our users can better understand specific technology deployment needs within potential buyer segments. This supports the most granular customer targeting based on their current technology needs.

Data collection and quality maintenance.

SalesIntel’s proprietary technographic data is the culmination of 15 years of first-party B2B account data collection experience, the input of over 2,000 human research-on-demand experts supporting tens of thousands of customer surveys annually, and the guidance of patented AI technology on the foundation of our modern and intuitive taxonomy.

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