SalesIntel, the data quality standard.

Our data processes and team of human researchers empowered with proprietary, patented verification technology are setting a new standard for data quality.

Providing quality intelligence through patented technology and human verification.

95% Accurate Data

Our data process guarantees accuracy.

Our data comes from hundreds of researchers on the web and through our proprietary data feed. From there the data undergoes an additional layer of verification through our human research team, augmented by patented research technology.

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90 day contact re-verification

Commitment to quality intelligence.

Every contact is verified every 90 days by our team to maintain 95% accuracy of our data and the highest number of direct dial numbers in the industry.

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Company data verification

Accurate data to better segment your target audience.

Technographic, Firmographic, and Buyer Intent data all undergo regular updates to ensure our users have the most current and correct information to build their go-to-market strategies.

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Research On Demand

Find exactly who you need.

Not seeing who you’re looking for in the portal? Get research-on-demand for your niche market and our research team will work with you to find your ICP and build a custom list. We make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for with:

  • 250 full time researchers
  • 2,000 certified ROD researchers to handle any surge
  • 1.75M contacts verified every week

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Calculate how your ROI could improve with access to better sales intelligence data.

3-years with SalesIntel

“My clients and I love the competitive advantage that CORRECT contact data provides so they can be the ‘first one in the door’ and make the best first impression on their prospects”

Adele S. Busch

Founder/CEO at ASB Business Services, LLC

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