Buyers you can target.

Intent Data powered by Bombora.

Contact your buyers when they’re ready to buy.

Combine SalesIntel’s hyper-detailed search filters and revolutionary Company Surge® feature with Bombora’s industry-leading Intent Data to discover and reach your most eligible prospects. With over 12,000 active Intent topics to choose from, you can monitor companies for a specific topic, score them based on activity level, and assign a threshold Company Surge® Intent Score to discover and pursue the targets most interested in your products and services.


Identify high Intent target accounts.

Uncover and analyze buying signals early to engage with prospects at the start of their buying journey.

Shorten sales cycles.

Combine actionable insights from buyer Intent data with 95% accurate contacts to connect with the accounts and decision makers that matter and close deals faster.

Prioritize leads.

Identify high scoring accounts on topics related to your offering and prioritize hot leads in real-time.

Build pipeline faster →


Grow pipeline and maximize marketing ROI.

Use over 12,000 actively monitored Intent topics to help you hypertarget accounts that are most interested in your products or services.

Search hot leads by Intent topics.

Focus on leads most likely to convert using prospects’ buying signals across Intent topics actively searched by specific accounts. Learn what your prospects are interested in and target them with relevant messages and human-verified contact information..

Discover more opportunities.

Combine firmographic and technographic data with custom search filters to focus on Intent topics specific to your business. Discover companies actively searching for and most interested in buying products and services like yours.

Drive expansion for entire GTM org →

BDRs and SDRs

Target prospects that are ready to buy.

Identify buying Intent signals and combine these insights with your ideal customer profiles and buyer personas to create your target account lists.

Build ideal prospects targeting lists.

Hone into accounts that are actively searching on topics related to your products or services using Intent signals and score high priority leads to maximize speed to lead.

Give your teams the competitive edge.

Get your demand generation teams connected to interested buyers before your competition can even identify them and equip them with key insights about prospects’ buying Intent to provide accurate solutions just when they need.

Get Free Contacts →

50% increase in contact rate.

“We were looking at, honestly, 16 attempts prior to an average contact previously before someone would say yes or no. We’re probably now around eight or nine.”

Gregory E. Corbett

Senior Vice President for Sales


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