Planning & Targeting

Find your best accounts

Identify and keep track of your ideal customers so you don’t miss out on Sales-ready accounts

Sales intelligence you can trust

SalesIntel’s high-quality data intelligence helps you find your best-fit accounts, build out your buying centers, and align your entire GTM team.

Find your best-fit accounts

Don’t waste time on accounts that won’t buy or will end up churning. Use account firmographics and technographics to find and target accounts that meet your ideal customer profile.

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Get emails and mobiles for decision-makers

You need accurate contact information to run successful sales and marketing campaigns. At SalesIntel, every contact has a business email address and most have a mobile.

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See which accounts are researching your solution

Focus your sales team on in-market accounts by leveraging SalesIntel’s comprehensive buyer intent data. Knowing when a prospect is ready to buy is critical to a successful GTM motion. Get buyer’s intent, website visitor intelligence, and industry/company news – all from within the SalesIntel platform.

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Access accurate contact and company data

Our researchers re-verify contact and account information every 90 days to ensure your GTM teams are always working with the most up-to-date information.

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Visitor Insights.

“I like that SalesIntel can identify companies that are visiting our website and providing a little insight beyond just an IP address. This allows our sales teams to see if their targeted accounts are visiting the site but not converting.”


Zachary B.

Marketing Technology Manager

Fantastic Customer Support

“Our partnership with our Customer Support representative is such that she feels like a member of our team. Constantly adding value and making my life easier.”


Verified User in

Human Resources

Revolutionized our sales and marketing efforts.

“SalesIntel has revolutionized our sales and marketing efforts!”


Albert M.

Content Specialist Research

SalesIntel - Strong Zoominfo Competitor You Should Check Out - Rapidly Improving as well!

“The research on demand feature is like having a BDR team on-demand”


Jack M.

Sr. Salesforce Administrator

Every phone number and contact imaginable

“SalesIntel solves most of my headaches and simplifies my search for the right contact!”


Richard C.

SalesIntel is the affordable and more accurate version of ZoomInfo

“Overall, the expereince has been great. I love the human verify option, it should be a standard in their subscription as it’s the most valuable part of their tool.”


Chris B.

Chief Revenue Officer - Computer Software

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