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SalesIntel vs. ZoomInfo – Why SalesIntel Wins

Customer Support

Stellar ratings on product review sites

Critical feedback on review sites

Price and value

Affordable and high value for money


Research on Demand (RoD)

2000+ on-demand human researchers

Not available

Human-verified contacts

90-day reverified with 95% accuracy

Machine processed data

Contract & renewal


Full of complex clauses


Get research-on-demand for your niche market

Not finding who you’re looking for in the portal? Our research team will work with you to find your ICP and build a custom list.

  • 250 full time researchers
  • 500k contacts verified every week
  • 2000+ certified ROD researchers to handle any surge

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Fill in the gaps on your inbound and event leads.

Use multiple filters to easily identify target contacts and build lists for email marketing, events and more. You can even use Buying Intel and Company Intel to find net new contacts and accounts for your organization.

  • Get direct dials to reach decision makers faster
  • Find prospects with personal email addresses
  • Expand buyer groups and see other company details
  • Upload a contact or company list to clean your data

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Prioritize Your Leads & Shorten Your Sales Cycle

With SalesIntel’s Bombora integration, you can identify and reach out to organizations already looking for a solution to quickly jump through the buying stages and shorten your sales cycle.

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50% increase in contact rate.

“We were looking at, honestly, 16 attempts prior to an average contact previously before someone would say yes or no. We’re probably now around eight or nine.”

Gregory E. Corbett

Senior Vice President of Sales


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