Over 4.5 Million Human-Verified
Contacts with Direct Dials

From Small Businesses to Enterprises, Get the Most Accurate
Contact Records for Your Account-Based Marketing.


Integrate Our Human Verified Data with
Your Current Marketing and Sales Tools

From Salesforce and Chrome to Outreach.io and Hubspot, SalesIntel integrates with the tools you use for selling. Access the contacts you need as you’re working and bring contact information directly into your sales process to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Sell to Your Dream Accounts and
Power Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts

You know who your ideal customers are. Instead of having to spend your sales reps’ time on prospecting clients who can’t buy your product, you can focus your sales team directly on building revenue and closing deals. SalesIntel is essential for everyone on your team responsible for growing revenue.

Here's what our customers have to say

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The SalesIntel platform and solution has been helpful for us. We have been able to use SalesIntel to quickly validate contact information of potential names and leads. Information that we may not have been previously able to find.

Sean McDermott

Sean McDermott

President & CEO, Founder


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SalesIntel saves us 8 hours per campaign-the time adds up quickly across different campaigns to around 40-60 hours each month. It’s saving us the equivalent cost of a full-time employee.

Gregg Anderson

Gregg Anderson

CEO and Founder

41 Orange

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We took a data sample from each company. We sent the exact same email campaign to each group of contacts and compared the click-through rates. SalesIntel contacts had the highest rate.

Greg Miller

Greg Miller

Marketing Director

Human Capital Media

Our Data Promise to You

All Human-Verified Data. We won't publish any data that has not
gone through our human research team.

Accurate Data

95% Accurate Data

By having our team call the numbers, send emails, and double-check everything, we provide a 95% accuracy rate.


90-Day Reverification

To maintain our high accuracy and avoid data decay, we reverify our data every 90 days.

Direct Dial Numbers

Most Direct Dial Numbers in the Industry

We understand how important a direct dial number is for making contact with someone, so we make sure you can pick up the phone and call.

Research on Demand

Research on Demand

Need data on a specific industry or contact that's not already in our database? Submit your request and we'll find the data for you.