Pinpoint your ideal prospects and accounts.

Experience the difference in your prospecting speed with in-depth firmographic data to help you quickly locate the exact people you need to contact.

Enjoy better prospecting and time
savings using SalesIntel.

We use a lot of firmographics. We use SalesIntel also to find companies that we want to research further based on their employee count and annual revenue. But if we happen to come across a business or know of one that we want to reach out to, we vet them through SalesIntel to ensure that they meet our ideal customer profile.

John Chipoletti Director of Business Development at Straub Marketing

Reliable firmographics data is imperative.

Paint a picture of your audience.

Our firmographic data encompasses accurate company-wide information. Filtering companies based on their industry, yearly revenue, location, and employee count is a great way to start audience segmentation.

Optimized ad targeting.

SalesIntel helps you identify companies that fit your firmographic requirements to be qualified as a lead. This way, you can have all the information to add to your audience while setting up your ad campaigns.

Effectively score leads.

With accurate and updated firmographics, our users have the ability to better segment the market and identify possible clients. This enables them to discern between leads and rate them, ensuring that sales efforts are focused effectively.


Personalize your content strategy.

Having an understanding of your prospects’ revenue, the size of the company, locations, and other vital information will allow your team to send them relevant information about your offering and personalize sales pitches and marketing communications. We give you all the information you need.

Accurate, maintained data.

No need to worry about data decay. The data from SalesIntel is reverified by our team every 90 days, so you always have the most reliable contact and company data at your fingertips.

Combine firmographic filters to quickly find your target accounts.