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Frequently Asked Questions about SalesIntel Pricing

SalesIntel’s annual licensing price can vary based on the following criteria:

  • Number of user licenses
  • Apps and modules (e.g. Intent, VisitorIntel, InboxIntel, Data Enrichment)
  • Usage credits for Export, Research on Demand, Enrichment

SalesIntel platform seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs and sales enablement and marketing automation platforms. We also offer our API to integrate with your desired platform and depending on the specific requirements of your business, pricing for specific platform or technology integrations can impact the license cost.

SalesIntel’s annual license subscription is offered with an upfront annual fee; we do offer a quarterly payment option with a small fee uplift. To learn more, talk to our sales team and we will work out a payment plan with frequency and payment options that meet your needs.

SalesIntel does not offer data on a per-contact basis or provide flat files on a one-off basis. SalesIntel’s annual license not only offers customers human-verified contact information, the license comes along with features and functionality such as Buyer Intent Data, Data Enrichment, VisitorIntel and Research On Demand to enable sales and marketing teams to combine 95% accurate company and contact data with industry leading insights. The platform also offers the ability to easily export SalesIntel’s data directly to a file, sales CRM or email marketing system.

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Fabiana Castro, North America Head of Marketing