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Quality data is table stakes. You deserve more.

When it comes to accurate and reliable B2B contact data, you have your choice of providers. But, when it comes to value beyond the data and technology? That’s where SalesIntel shines.

Unmatched service & customer support

We strive to ensure every SalesIntel user gets maximum value from our solution. You’ll always feel the love from us. Your world-class SaleIntel support team includes:

  • Implementation specialist
  • Onboarding expert
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customer success support
  • Specialized research team

Service & Customer

Fairer contract terms & pricing

Stop worrying about getting sued, losing your data, or other unfair practices. From a lower price point to more favorable contract terms, we emphasize customer love over customer litigation. With SalesIntel, you pay one price for one platform and get access to unlimited data, unlimited data enrichment, and unlimited customer support.

Fairer Contract Terms Pricing

Seamless implementation experience

Hundreds of companies have made the switch from ZoomInfo to SalesIntel over the past year. We do the heavy-lifting to work around ZoomInfo’s contractual challenges to ensure you are set up for success without missing a day of selling.

Seamless Experience

SalesIntel vs. ZoomInfo

Interested but not sure? Hear what our ex-ZoomInfo customers have to say about the SalesIntel difference
SalesIntel - Strong ZoomInfo competitor you should check out - rapidly improving as well!

The research on demand feature is like having a BDR team on-demand

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SalesIntel is the affordable and more accurate version of ZoomInfo

Overall, the experience has been great. I love the human verify option, it should be a standard in their subscription as it’s the most valuable part of their tool.

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Why we switched ZoomInfo for SalesIntel

Why we switched to SalesIntel

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