Quality sales intelligence, unmatched in the industry.

Find ideal accounts and verified contacts thanks to our peerless data quality.


Define target markets, find ideal buyers, and grow revenue.


Talk to real people.

Our ethically-sourced, first-party B2B data gives you curated, human-verified contact information so you can reach millions of decision makers across the world. We also offer the largest number of mobile numbers in the industry, reverified every 90 days.

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Capture more leads, earlier.

Catch prospects early in their research cycle and get your brand in front of your target before your competitors. With signals from VisitorIntel, News, and intent data we help you focus on every buyer persona at your best-fit accounts.

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Pinpoint your prospects’ tech stack.

With over 300 million technographic data points routinely updated faster than any other provider in the industry, you’re able to find key insights on your prospects’ technology stacks and track changes happening in their tech portfolios to better anticipate their evolving needs.

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Focus on Your Ideal Target Audience.

Combine critical company data, such as industry, company size, revenue, employee count, location, and funding with accurate contact data to qualify ideal prospects, and target them with maximum precision.

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Latest company & industry updates.

Stay on top of company and industry news to better understand who might be ready to buy. Set up email alerts so you are always notified when your named account or target industry is in the news, and so you can time your outreach and message appropriately. 

Use news and alerts as part of your intent strategy


News & Alerts

Easy and immediate segmentation with SalesIntel data

“All of the campaigns we’ve run in the U.S. using SalesIntel data have been successful.”

Christine Cockerton

CEO & Founder


Find your people.

Use our 40+ search filters to create an unprecedented level of precision in your prospecting efforts and exceed your quota every time.


Easily filter 95% accurate human-verified contacts.

Use multiple filters and other advanced search options such as Buying Intel and Company Intel to find net new contacts and accounts. Find exactly who you need to target for maximum conversions on your email campaigns, events, and more!


Find prospects where you’re looking.

Use location searches covering over 350 metro areas to identify contacts by region, zip code, and state. Create hyper-targeted campaigns for B2B events or identify markets based on targeted geographies.


Find companies in your targeted vertical markets.

Find companies in your targeted industry verticals using SIC and NAICS codes. Craft accurate messages for your ideal buyer personas using insights that maximize personalization and elevate your Account-based Marketing Campaigns.


Discover new targets based on their tech stack.

Know which companies will make your best prospects based on the software and technologies they are actively using. You can surface new company targets based on category, vendor, or even a specific tech, so that you can define your TAM and focus your sales and marketing efforts on companies whose tech stack would actually benefit from adding your product or service.


Narrow your search to buyers interested in you.

Eliminate wasted time in your sales and marketing efforts, thanks to our Intent search filters and scoring system in collaboration with Bombora’s data. Reach out directly to companies and contacts you know are actively searching for your product or similar options.


Let our data work for you.

Outpace competition with accurate data and insights that keep you ahead of the game.

Data enrichement
Account based marketing
Research on demand
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  • Data Enrichment

    Data Enrichment

    Never let your data become out of date—schedule your database for automatic enrichment or apply filters to get specific missing data points manually. Append missing fields for contact records such as email, phone, company, location or LinkedIn profiles.

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    Data enrichement
  • Account Based Marketing

    Account Based Marketing

    Run ABM campaigns at scale with over 90 million contacts at over 22 million companies. Find and reach the right decision-makers at the right accounts with more than 100 million email addresses and 54 million mobile phone numbers.

    Driving ABM at scale →

    Account based marketing
  • Research on Demand

    Research on Demand

    Request human-verified contact information from our team of 2,000+ on-demand researchers for your existing contacts, or have our team find the exact new contacts you need. Set human-verified contacts to auto export to your CRM from within the portal!

    Get the exact contacts you need →

    Research on demand
  • Real-time Prospecting

    Real-time Prospecting

    Use RevDriver, SalesIntel’s free Chrome extension, to automatically discover accurate contact information while prospecting on LinkedIn or even a target company’s website.

    Get RevDriver Chrome Extension →

    REal time
  • Integrations


    Easily build prospect lists and export contacts directly to your CRM or email marketing systems with our native integration and seamless compatibility with leading CRMs and marketing automation systems.

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