Take your data wherever you want to work.


You can export our human verified contacts directly to HubSpot from inside SalesIntel. You can select contact owners, assign exported contacts to a workflow, and SalesIntel will even check for duplicate records!


You can search the SalesIntel database right in your Salesforce org, export contact information as lead records, and update incorrect or missing information from pre-existing Salesforce records. The managed package will be available soon.

Chrome Plug-in

The SalesIntel Chrome extension is great for immediately finding the contact information you’re looking for on a target company’s website and even a person’s LinkedIn Profile. No more relying on InMail. You’ll have verified contact data right from SalesIntel.


Seamlessly export our clean verified contact data to SalesLoft where it is easy to customize campaigns at scale. You can select which cadence you want to add contacts to or select the People Only option. SalesIntel will also scrutinize contacts for duplicity.

Identify accounts that match your ideal customer profile and map out prospects based on your target personas from SalesIntel’s human verified database of over 2 million contacts. Push the records to Outreach and add them to a sequence for a deeper level of engagement.