B2B Data for Sales.

Accurate B2B contact and company data that helps you connect with prospects faster and accelerate revenue.


Say goodbye to wasted time.

With SalesIntel’s unmatched data quality, make effective connections with verified decision-makers from your target companies, speeding up each step of the sales cycle.

Real prospects at your fingertips.

Get RevDriver, SalesIntel’s free Chrome extension, to instantly find human-verified contact information for your
prospects while you’re on LinkedIn or your target company’s website.

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Real prospects at your fingertips

Target buyers from accounts in-market.

Identify the correct decision-maker at the ideal company at the right time with buyer intent data. SalesIntel even provides the accurate contact information you need to connect with buyers faster.

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Surface priceless company intelligence.

Outpace your competition with insights into B2B companies you can’t find anywhere else, thanks to technographic, firmographic, and advanced company search. Find net-new contacts and company accounts and grow your funnel.

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Talk to real people.

Prospect at the speed of demand and increase speed to lead with our human-verified direct dials and mobile numbers that give you the ability to find and call your future customers instantly.

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Easy and immediate segmentation with SalesIntel data

“All of the campaigns we’ve run in the U.S. using SalesIntel data have been successful.”

Christine Cockerton

CEO & Founder

What we offer

A full-cycle sales intelligence tool for your entire organization.

Experience a B2B data solution that helps your sales teams exceed quota and build stronger pipeline.

icon-Contact and Company Data

Contact and Company Data

Instantly access our 95% accurate human-verified database to find your ideal target companies and decision-makers at those companies to close more deals

icon-Research on Demand

Research on Demand

Expedite human-verification of your existing contacts, track their progress and set them to auto export to your CRM—all from within the portal!

icon-Website Visitor Tracking

Website Visitor Tracking

Identify new target accounts by gaining insights on anonymous website visitors who are visiting your website and connect with them before your competition can.

icon-Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Schedule your database for automatic enrichment or apply filters to get the exact missing data points manually and never let bad or missing data hold your sales and marketing team back.

What sales teams need to know.

  • What advantage does SalesIntel offer compared to other sales intelligence tools?

    SalesIntel provides the best human-verified B2B contact and company data. Our 95% data accuracy and 90 day reverification process gives you access to the most up-to-date data in the industry. You get the highest number of human-verified work mobile numbers in the industry. For more details, here’s a detailed comparison.

  • How can SalesIntel improve my sales prospecting process?

    The core of prospecting is to identify and reach the most qualified and highest-value prospects that best fit your ideal client profile in less time. SalesIntel makes it easy to:

    • Perform real-time prospecting using RevDriver Chrome Extension.
    • Narrow down your research by filtering data by demographics, firmographic, technographic, buyers’ intent, and more.
    • Reach decision-makers using their direct dials and mobile numbers.
    • Enrich and update incomplete data.

    Ask our Research on Demand team for specific prospect data, if not already in our database, and they will deliver verified data within a few hours.

  • What type of contact and company data does SalesIntel provide?

    Unlike other B2B data providers, SalesIntel doesn’t limit your access to specific data. Along with human-verified and demographic data and human-verified email addresses, you get access to a broad spectrum of data that includes:

    • Firmographic data to help you create a targeted list of prospects using company location(s), employee size, industry, and annual revenue.
    • Technographic data to target companies based on the technology or tools they use.
    • Buyer Intent data to help you quickly identify and reach ready-to-buy prospects. It also helps you prioritize your leads to speed up your sales cycle.

    VisitorIntel to help you recognize anonymous website visitors and provide data for reaching them before they reach you.

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