Ease of Use and Brilliant Support: CEC Marketing Case Study

CEC Marketing - SalesIntel Case Study

Introducing CEC Marketing

We sat down with Christine Cockerton, CEO & Founder of CEC Marketing, to discuss her team’s experience using SalesIntel.

CEC is a digital marketing agency and family business in the U.K. focused on demand generation. They work primarily with enterprise clients, and pride themselves on repeat business.

CEC’s team generates leads for their customers, qualifies them, and uses them for running marketing and inside sales campaigns.

“What differentiates us from all the other agencies out there is we’re all about quality. We have a unique process in-house where we’re the gatekeeper of all the leads we generate, and we make sure that we do all the qualifications before our clients even see the leads.” 

After being put on Cisco and SAP’s preferred supplier list, CEC Marketing started to scale its services with the assistance of SalesIntel.

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Selecting SalesIntel Over the Competition

While looking for a North American data provider, Cockerton was given two recommendations. She needed to find a “supplier we can work with who does get what we’re about and what we need.”

“Within our scaling journey, we needed more data, and we needed a supplier who provided strong quality data. The data needs to be updated, be the right type of data, and have an audit trail of where it’s come from. They also need to be responsive.”

The first agency Cockerton tried struggled with communication support. The data provider would export data for CEC Marketing but would misunderstand what they wanted. Lists would come through that didn’t meet CEC Marketing’s search criteria. The situation simply wasn’t working. 

So, Cockerton gave the second recommendation, SalesIntel, a try. Instead of having to explain what they wanted and wait for an exported list to be provided, CEC Marketing could segment the data themselves and find exactly the high-quality data they needed.

“The results were pretty much instant, really, after switching agencies,” Cockerton said. “The experience we had from SalesIntel was great because we had control. We knew what lists we needed. We got them. It just works.”

Easy and Immediate Segmentation

CEC has been able to use SalesIntel to immediately find the reliable data they need. Clients share their target accounts, and CEC Marketing finds contact data and additional targets based on the client-provided list.

Cockerton’s team frequently finds out-of-date data provided by their clients. Using SalesIntel, they can also find perfect-fit accounts their clients overlooked. 

“We always top [the client’s data] up, and then they realize, my gosh, these are the decision makers and these are the audiences they need to hit,” Cockerton said. “SalesIntel is very intuitive, it’s easy to find what our team needs.”

“We just go, do what we need, the segmentation, the listing, et cetera, and come out again. It’s easy. If it’s not easy, it’s not the right solution. That’s what I always say about a lot of things in my business. If it’s not simple, it’s not the right solution.”

When CEC Marketing gathered contacts in their first month with SalesIntel, they were preparing for an IT decision-maker virtual event for Cisco. Cockerton’s team went into the database, segmented for IT and company size, and found exactly what they were looking for. Using the contact data, they launched their outreach campaign.

“The results were really good,” Cockerton said. “The bounceback rates, the deliverability, everything was really on point, and that made us think, ‘our content, your data, it just all works.’ I think we had about 78 registrations from that campaign. The target was 50. All of the campaigns we’ve run in the U.S. using SalesIntel data have been successful.”

Brilliant Support Team

SalesIntel’s simplicity and high-quality data have been complemented by its support team. Any questions and issues have been resolved quickly. SalesIntel also has a Research-on-Demand service to help find contact data not currently available for a client within 2-48 hours.

“I’d say the members of the team are brilliant. They’re responsive. They’ve been just a really great team to work with. They will go outside the box to help us because they know that we are a passionate company.”

As a small company working on scaling up, Cockerton and CEC Marketing have a lot on their plate. But, working with SalesIntel has been a smooth process and helped keep CEC’s positive momentum.

“Every time we ask something, you guys listen. You’re very responsive and will always find a solution to help us if you can.”

Combining SalesIntel’s in-depth segmentation tools, human-verified data, and excellent customer service has helped CEC Marketing hit its goals for every US campaign. In the future, they look forward to continuing to use SalesIntel everywhere they can.