Why Alleyoop Switched from ZoomInfo to SalesIntel

Why Alleyoop Switched from ZoomInfo to SalesIntel

Company Background

Alleyoop, a pioneering force in the lead generation as a service industry with over a decade of experience, has long been a standout in assisting diverse industries, including technology and software-as-a-service (SaaS), in their quest to secure meetings and demos. They provide staffing, management, training, and tailored programs to facilitate this process.

The Decision to Switch

Alleyoop’s transition from their long-standing data provider, ZoomInfo, to SalesIntel was a strategic move underpinned by a comprehensive evaluation. A longtime Zoominfo User, Gabriel and his team realized that having Zoominfo as their provider left gaps in their data needs.

Gabriel shared, “We, for many years, were using one single source for our data and it was fine actually and that was working. Then it started to not work. We had to start going after new data providers or one-up situations or hiring researchers specifically and doing it ourselves, data miners is what we were doing. We were literally hiring data mining teams ourselves to build databases for these ICPs that we’re starting to target and go into.”

Gabriel Lullo, CEO of Alleyoop, shared the journey and the defining factors that led to this crucial shift.

The Comprehensive Test

The decision to switch was not taken lightly. To ensure the switch was well justified, Alleyoop initiated a comprehensive evaluation involving three key data providers: Cognism, ZoomInfo, and SalesIntel. The primary focus of this test was connection rates, the critical metric for Alleyoop’s success. They took 1000 contacts and compared the connection rates between Cognism, ZI, and SalesIntel across their teams. 

In Gabriel’s words, “We had Cognism at the least, we had ZoomInfo at 16, and we had SalesIntel at 35, which if you look at it’s almost double what the second place was. This was phenomenal results for us. We averaged data entered between 7 to 18 connection rates across all of our clients as we speak now that were through SalesIntel. For this test with those different ICPs, which are the big three, we are operating over 30% connection rate.”

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Quality and Accuracy

For Alleyoop, data accuracy was paramount. It was not just about collecting contact details; it was about ensuring that those contacts were the right individuals to engage with. SalesIntel excelled in this aspect, providing data that consistently matched the target audience. Gabriel shared: “A connection to us is someone who picked up the phone and had a conversation with us, and they were determined to be the right person whom we were told they were going to be.”

More Meetings, Better Results

Alleyoop’s business revolves around converting connections into meetings. The higher connection rates delivered by SalesIntel had a direct impact on their success. The data provider facilitated more meetings than any other test, underlining the real-world advantages of the higher connection rates.  Gabriel elaborated: “The result was better because the connection rates were higher, so we got more meetings from it. Then that’s what got us excited because not only do we have a higher connection rate, which in turn is the whole point of this, but we also got more meetings booked from it because that connection rate was higher.”

Pricing and Data Quality

In terms of pricing, Gabriel made it clear: “From a pricing standpoint, SalesIntel actually was the better price out of the three. Data quality also better data per what we just discussed.” While pricing was considered, data quality and the ability to access fresh, accurate data took precedence. SalesIntel offered a competitive price point while maintaining superior data quality, making it an attractive choice for Alleyoop.

Rapid Data Accessibility

Speed was of the essence. Gabriel shared his experience: “With SalesIntel, it was in a matter of minutes and it was really, really powerful.” In the competitive landscape, access to fresh and up-to-date data is critical. SalesIntel stood out by providing data within minutes, a significant advantage compared to other providers that took several days to fulfill lookup requests.

Customer Relationship

Gabriel emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong customer relationship during the transition: “I don’t want it to turn into a bad relationship.” Gabriel expressed a desire for a seamless transition from the trial phase to becoming a customer. He stressed the importance of maintaining the same high level of service and responsiveness, ensuring a positive customer relationship which is where SalesIntel delivered in comparison to other competitors.

The Bottom Line

Alleyoop’s decision to switch from ZoomInfo to SalesIntel was driven by a search for superior connection rates, data quality, accessibility, competitive pricing, and a commitment to excellent customer service. The case of Alleyoop illustrates the importance of making data-driven decisions to achieve success in a dynamic business environment.

In conclusion, Alleyoop’s transition to SalesIntel underscores the significance of choosing the right data provider and its direct impact on connection rates, meeting conversions, and overall business success.

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