How SalesIntel Provides LeadCoverage with a Critical Link in the (Supply) Chain

LeadCoverage Case Study

About LeadCoverage

LeadCoverage is a premier B2B marketing and PR firm that combines deep expertise in supply chain, heavy industry, and technology with cutting-edge PR, B2B marketing, and sales development techniques to help companies optimize lead generation that drives inbound conversions and measurable marketing ROI. 

LeadCoverage also provides revenue operation services including marketing and sales alignment, perfecting tech stacks, social and email conversion, SEO and PPC, and sales accountability.

The Challenge 

LeadCoverage leverages contact, firmographic, and intent data for their own GTM motion as well as their clients’, so working with a best-in-class data partner is critical to their success.

Before onboarding SalesIntel, LeadCoverage was working with ZoomInfo. However, three major issues caused them to seek other solutions. LeadCoverage was unhappy with ZoomInfo’s contact data quality, credit restrictions, and high data usage costs.

The Solution

After testing several potential vendors, LeadCoverage was impressed with the precision, accuracy, and quality of SalesIntel’s contact and firmographic data. By tapping into SalesIntel’s robust database of nearly 20,000 U.S. shippers, LeadCoverage can build targeted audiences for themselves and their clients that are highly specific to the supply chain and logistics market. 

Additionally, LeadCoverage was excited about the ability to integrate intent data into GTM motions by leveraging SalesIntel’s powerful intent solutions across sales, marketing, and even customer retention — all from the same provider. 

Kara Smith Brown, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of LeadCoverage says, “SalesIntel continues to build their intent solutions. Accessing the data I need from one system makes everything a lot more seamless for us.”

The Outcome 

Since onboarding SalesIntel as its chosen data provider, LeadCoverage has seen reduced costs in programmatic media buying, higher conversion rates, and increased top-of-funnel engagement for its clients. 

LeadCoverage Case Study

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In partnering with SalesIntel, LeadCoverage has found a true ally that is committed to empowering the next phase of growth both for its business and the broader supply chain and logistics market.

Kara says, “We’re excited about SalesIntel investing in the supply chain community. Moving forward with better products all the time and having a data-centered team specializing in this space is a win for everyone.”