How SundaySky Leveraged SalesIntel to Boost Conversion Rates by 220%

How SundaySky Leveraged SalesIntel to Boost Conversion Rates by 220%

Customer Background

SundaySky was founded on the belief that video could be created as dynamic and at scale as a website, where content can be updated easily and frequently. The pioneers of personalized video, SundaySky empowers businesses to create, personalize and distribute video, making it simple for users to create high-quality, professional-looking video without prior experience and easy for businesses to scale a cost-effective video strategy across their organization.


SundaySky has embraced an ABM approach to their marketing and sales. Still, their previous data provider was difficult to use, used credits to limit usage, and lacked a communicative support team. As they explored alternatives, SalesIntel’s unlimited credit plan got their attention. They discovered SalesIntel had all the features they needed for running their ABM campaigns, an intuitive platform, and an amazing support team. Since switching, their team has easily taken to the new platform and is seeing more success than ever.


SundaySky needed to find accurate account and contact details for their ideal customers in order to run efficient ABM campaigns. The first data solution they used was frustrating and overly complex. Their team struggled to use the platform and receive communications from the platform’s support team. The data credit system was also limiting, especially for the high cost. Both the sales and marketing teams needed a better way to find and reach target accounts.


With SalesIntel, SundaySky’s marketing and sales teams had unlimited access to the data they needed. By following their ideal client profile (ICP) criteria, they were able to use firmographic, technographic, and combined intent data to find the best-fit accounts already in the market for their solution. The team was easily trained on how to use the platform, the search function was intuitive, and any questions for SalesIntel were promptly answered. 

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SalesIntel’s high accuracy and multiple sources of intent data based on intent topics and website visits have provided actionable data to SundaySky. Their team can immediately find and start conversations with new accounts.


  • Simple and Powerful Data Platform – the team could be easily trained and start finding their ideal accounts by combining different data filters
  • Buyer Intent Data – intent data based on accounts researching topics or visiting SundaySky’s site moves accounts with the best chance of buying to the top of the list for outreach
  • RevDriver Chrome Extension – sales reps can pull up contact information and move into Salesforce while prospecting on the web or on LinkedIn


Because of SalesIntel’s usability as a tool and unlimited credits, SundaySky’s whole team has been able to use SalesIntel on a daily basis. SalesIntel data is the foundation of their ABM campaigns and has raised their account ABM conversion rates by 220%. Access to quality intent data has been a game-changer and continues to help their team connect with qualified prospects and close deals.


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