CDYNE: 50% Jump in Connection Rates with Intent Data Sales Plays


CDYNE: A Brief Introduction

CDYNE is a premier communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company, providing data quality and communications APIs. It offers easy-to-integrate and scalable SMS, voice, phone number verification, and address verification APIs to FinTech, EdTech, MedTech, SaaS, and organizations from several other industries. Its clientele includes Johnson & Johnson, Boeing, Orkin, JCPenny, UPS, the Green Bay Packers and Zillow.

We interviewed CDYNE’s Senior Vice President for Sales, Gregory E. Corbett, to get a sense of how SalesIntel’s B2B intent and contact data helped CDYNE improve its prospecting, connection rates, opportunity creation, and revenue.

CDYNE’s Data Challenges

CDYNE offers a highly niche product and mainly serves software companies that sell their software to any number of verticals, but also very specific ones. Corbett mentioned, “Most of them [CDYNE’s clients] have any number of software that sell into very specific verticals.”

CDYNE was looking for more granular B2B data and insights to be able to connect with the right companies and contacts at them. Sadly, it wasn’t satisfied with the data its previous provider offered. 

“Being that we have a pretty niche product, we used ZoomInfo before and it wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t give us, I think, the granularity that SalesIntel does,” Corbett said.

CDYNE also noticed other issues with the data it used previously. “Their [ZoomInfo’s] intent data wasn’t as good and at least from what I’ve seen over the first few months—it wasn’t like SalesIntel, and their [ZoomInfo’s] data wasn’t always as fresh,” Corbett added.

While the intent data CDYNE used previously did highlight people with intent actions, it was based on their online activities from months ago. Therefore, it didn’t have the accuracy level CDYNE was expecting.

“I can tell you that many times when people would respond over the year that we used ZoomInfo, we would get, ‘Yes, I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ It doesn’t mean that they were never actually looking for that, but it may have been four, six months ago.”

SalesIntel’s Data as the Solution

Compared to its previous B2B data provider, CDYNE found SalesIntel’s data quality better. “If it’s saying that it’s human-verified, very rarely do we see a bad phone number or a bad contact with the SalesIntel platform,” Corbett said.

SalesIntel’s 95% accurate and human-verified data, including intent, worked great for CDYNE, given that it has a niche product. Our contact data helped CDYNE to know exactly who to contact at an organization. 

“For us, it may be a VP of product engineering at one company, and at another company, it might be a VP of procurement, but it’s very rarely going to be the same jobs [titles] at whatever company. SalesIntel has been great in that aspect,” Corbett said.

50% Increase in Contact Rate, Better Connection, Less Calls

We asked Corbett about CDYNE’s connection rates and whether it’s making fewer or more calls to get in touch with people, now that it’s using SalesIntel. Corbett replied, “Yes, they’ve [connection rates] been pretty good. I would say, by and large, less [number of calls].”


SalesIntel’s human-verified contact data, which includes phone numbers, helped CDYNE increase its connection rates. CDYNE also saw improvement in its contact rate with SalesIntel’s intent data. Contact rate tells you how many customers/people you were able to reach and also informs you about the quality of your lead list. It can be used to determine if the people you’re calling are actually interested in your product or business.

Corbett pointed out a roughly 50% jump in CDYNE’s contact rate after using our intent data. 

“We were looking at, honestly, 16 attempts prior to an average contact previously before someone would say yes or no. We’re probably now around eight or nine.” 

With the right intent data and accurate contact information, SalesIntel helped CDYNE increase and move its pipeline faster.

Easy Prospecting, More Opportunities

Using the SalesIntel platform, CDYNE was able to easily pull lists and contacts at the companies it was looking for. Corbett said he wanted to prove a point to one of his salespeople who was struggling to get appointments. So, he used SalesIntel to pull up a list. From the list, he found a company, sent an email to its CEO, and got a response.

Yes, I just pulled a list the other day and it was more like it’s not that hard to make contact. You just have to send an engaging email or make a call and actually be a human, so I could prove a point to a salesperson.” Corbett also said the CEO replied to his email saying the company will get CDYNE on the vendor list and see if they can have a conversation.

Corbett pulled up another company in SalesIntel which happens to be the new vendor of a CDYNE’s lost customer. He directly emailed the company’s CEO and got a response. 

“He [the CEO] emailed me back and said he uses three different providers like ourselves [CDYNE], but he’s happy to take a look at our [CDYNE’s] API and have some discussions surrounding price.” 

Using SalesIntel, CDYNE was able to create opportunities, even from its lost customers.

66% Growth in Average Deal Size

SalesIntel’s intent data has already created several opportunities for CDYNE. 

“Yes, actually. We’ve got a number of opportunities that are in,” replied Corbett when asked how leveraging intent data plays is helping CDYNE’s overall revenue goals. Corbett added CDYNE got a number of opportunities that are decent-size clients at or above its average revenue per unit or client.

With SalesIntel, CDYNE was able to fill its pipeline with several accounts that generate more revenue than its average account would. It’s seeing a larger deal size come through with our intent data. While its average account generates around $6,000 per month, SalesIntel helped it find accounts that generate around $10,000. That’s a 66% increase in average deal size for CDYNE.

“I look at our average. I take out, basically, our top 50 and our bottom 50 of our named accounts, anything over $500, and our average account’s [at] about $6,000 a month. A lot of the ones that are in the pipeline right now that have come from SalesIntel are closer to the $10,000 [mark], so larger than average for us.”

The Switch from ZoomInfo to SalesIntel

Corbett mentioned he looked at, demoed, and tested different sales intelligence platforms, including ZoomInfo and Seamless.AI. But he found SalesIntel better and chose to go with us. 

“I looked at a bunch of them [platforms] and actually, SalesIntel was the last one to call on me. When I got into the [SalesIntel] platform, I knew it was the right one because I’d seen all the others. I demoed all the others.”

Corbett didn’t want to pay for a platform just because it’s been around for a long time or is popular in the B2B sales intelligence industry. While he did mention ZoomInfo wasn’t necessarily terrible, he faced some disappointments when using the platform.

“Their [ZoomInfo’s] platform is a little bit legacy. It feels a little clunky because you can tell that it’s been added on to, still good. Most people probably wouldn’t notice that. I notice it because I’m in the software business and I know what platforms that have been added to, and added to and added to feel like, where things don’t necessarily move seamlessly across different things or whatever.” 

Comparatively, Corbett had a positive experience using the SalesIntel platform. 

“When I tested SalesIntel, I just felt like it was the easiest to use. It was really clean. It wasn’t overly-priced, too high. I thought it shows the value for the money. I just felt like it was a great fit.”

Our Sales Team for the Win!

Right off the bat, Corbett mentioned our salespeople were fantastic. He also named a salesperson and said she was amazing. “Every time I had a question, everybody’s been great. I am not easy to sell to. I’ll just tell you that,” he added.

Corbett named and spoke about another salesperson who was great and responded, literally, every time he had a question. “Yes, and he was awesome. He was great. Literally, every time I’d sent him a message, he’d respond back within an hour, no matter the time of day or whatever. He was up against five other platforms. He represented your company incredibly well.” 

All in all, he is absolutely thrilled with SalesIntel. “It’s been fantastic. You guys are doing a great job over there. Keep it up, and hopefully, you guys will take over the industry.”