5 Reasons Why ZoomInfo Customers Switch to SalesIntel

Ditch ZoomInfo: 5 Reasons to Switch to SalesIntel

ZoomInfo, by all accounts, is the leading platform in the B2B data intelligence space, but that isn’t necessarily because it has a superior product. Over the years, it has acquired or merged with most of its competitors {from DiscoverOrg purchasing RainKing to DiscoverOrg purchasing ZoomInfo and others in between} leaving customers with little choice for viable alternatives. That is until SalesIntel stepped in to fill that void.

We have witnessed over the last few months a constant influx of ZoomInfo customers who are now happy clients of SalesIntel. And while each of them had their unique pain points for seeking out a better alternative, the broad themes mostly revolved around these five reasons:

1. Better Data Quality and Coverage

Customers who pay top dollars expect great products (in this case, excellent data quality and coverage). More often than not, they end up being disappointed with ZoomInfo.

SalesIntel, with its human-verified data, far exceeds in quality and guarantees a minimum 95% accuracy. On top of it, we offer the highest number of mobile numbers [at no extra cost] that’s increasingly becoming the go to outreach channel as WFH becomes the new normal.

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Most of our customers, before signing up, compare our data with all other data providers including ZoomInfo and we come out on top most of the time. Go ahead, request a demo, and see for yourself. This is our cola challenge!

Listen to this customer who did just that, “We took a data sample from each company. We sent the exact same email campaign to each group of contacts and compared the click-through rates. SalesIntel contacts had the highest rate.”

Another client tested the data in a different way, “We did random trials with each of the companies and validated them against our datasets. Frankly, it was worse. Most of them were way outdated.”

Lori Leonardo, CMO_ The difference between ZoomInfo and SalesIntel

2. Unique On-Demand Research Service

SalesIntel’s unique “Research-on-Demand” service remains a focal point for companies that target a very specific audience or operate in a niche market. No data vendor can possibly have 100% data completion without significant gaps particularly at the lower end, i.e., SMBs. There have been countless instances where a company licensed a data platform but didn’t find the data they were looking for, thus making their investment worthless. With SalesIntel, there is no such risk. As one of SalesIntel’s clients put it, “The thing I was really sold on was your proposition of if we don’t have it, we’ll go get it.”

Another client pointed out, “The alternative [ZoomInfo] was 3X the price. What if the data wasn’t there? SalesIntel is a great alternative.”

And it isn’t just about data availability either. Research-On-Demand saves countless hours sales reps would otherwise have to spend searching for and scrubbing data.

“If we don’t have a lead, our BDRs have told us that they can get a response within an hour or two [using Research-on-Demand].” shared another client about their experience using RoD.

Clare Wynne, President, Great service from Research on Demand

To put it simply, Research-on-Demand is kind of an assurance that you will always find the data you need at SalesIntel through a dedicated research team. Something no other data provider promises or is able to deliver.

3. Outstanding Customer Support

ZoomInfo is known for its sub-standard customer service. If you are or have been a user, you might have experienced it firsthand. SalesIntel has taken great care to ensure we deliver the best customer support and that’s reflected in the outstanding ratings we get.

“Even getting in touch with people at the other data platform [ZoomInfo] is a nightmare. I had a simple question and it took them almost 2 weeks to get back to me. I emailed SalesIntel at 6 PM and got an immediate response,” pointed out a customer who uses both ZoomInfo as well as SalesIntel.

Nick Erman, Sales Lead_ Customer Support

4. Transparent Contracts

There have been countless instances where ZoomInfo customers have felt strong-armed by contract clauses they never knew existed. Be it the notorious advance auto-renewal or the requirement to delete CRM data after license cancellation, signing the dotted line is like entering a minefield.

SalesIntel’s contract is fully transparent where customers get exactly what they bargained for without any surprises lurking in the fine print. In fact, we often go out of our way to accommodate special requests to help ease any concerns of our clients.

Brittany Olsson, VP Growth, Rocketfuel Labs, Why we switched ZoomInfo for SalesIntel

As a business, your goal is to get maximum bang for your buck. And it’s not just about the monetary cost either. Paying a marked-up price for an inferior solution while tolerating poor service defies the common sense of a sustainable business. You do have a better alternative. Ask for a demo to experience the difference and to take the first step towards making the right choice.

5. Better Value for Money 

One of the most common complaints customers have about Zoominfo is that it’s just too expensive for the value they deliver. On top of that, in general, they impose a 10% annual uplift along with a host of other charges for specific datasets.

With SalesIntel, customers can meet their data needs, build pipelines, and grow business at a much more reasonable price.

As one of our clients who has licensed both SalesIntel and ZoomInfo said, “I rarely use the other data platform [ZoomInfo] because we have such a small amount of credits for such a huge cost.”

Another client simply dismissed them as, “Not really worth the premium they were asking for.”