Marketers – Stop Limiting Your Pipeline, Switch to Unlimited B2B Data Credits

Marketers - Stop Limiting Your Pipeline. Switch to Unlimited Data

B2B marketers need a constant flow of potential customers and new opportunities in their pipeline. By generating qualified leads, marketers engage with prospects, build relationships, and ultimately increase sales. 

B2B data feeds your pipeline the target accounts and contacts needed for company growth. Your B2B data provides valuable insights into target industries, companies, and decision-makers, enabling marketers to identify and reach their ideal customers. 

When you find your ideal client profile, you want to feed as many of them as your sales team can handle into your pipeline. However, if your data provider uses a contact credit system, your maximum growth is capped. Marketing has to share credits with other teams, and any new campaigns will have to wait for more credits to be available. Instead of moving at your pace, you’re forced to move at the pace of your credit usage.  

For instance, there’s a limit on ZoomInfo credits (10k per year). You get around 1000 credits to use in a month. That’s a hard limit on your growth! 

Let’s go over the common challenges we hear from our prospects (mostly existing ZoomInfo users) because of their limited credits and how your marketing plan can benefit from switching to an unlimited credit plan.

Challenges in Lead Generation Due to Limited Zoominfo Credits

B2B marketers struggle with lead generation when access to high-quality B2B data is limited. This can hinder lead generation efforts in several ways, including:

  1. Incomplete and Inaccurate Data: Limited access to B2B data can result in incomplete and inaccurate information about potential leads, making it difficult for marketers to reach the right audience with the right message. Inaccurate data can even hurt your email domain reputation and stop your outreach efforts.
  2. Missed Opportunities: Without access to a comprehensive database of B2B contacts, marketers may miss out on potential leads that could be a good fit for their product or service.
  3. Reduced Efficiency: Limited data access can lead to increased time and effort spent on researching and identifying potential leads, reducing the efficiency of the lead generation process.
  4. High Costs: Obtaining high-quality B2B data can be expensive, and limited access to data may require marketers to pay higher prices to access the information they need.

Overall, limited access to B2B data can hinder lead generation efforts and make it difficult for marketers to achieve their goals.

Limited Credits and Expensive Add-Ons – Frequent Worries for ZoomInfo Users 

How much do ZoomInfo credits cost its users

Well, ZoomInfo used to be the go-to provider of B2B data and was widely accepted by marketers for lead generation. However, 8 out of 10 ZoomInfo users have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited ZoomInfo credits and expensive add-ons associated with the platform. 

One major complaint from users is that ZoomInfo’s data is not always complete or accurate, leading to missed opportunities and wasted time. Additionally, users have reported that the platform’s data credits model can be limiting and expensive, with add-ons and overages costing thousands of dollars per year.

Here’s a review from a ZoomInfo user posted on Gartner:

Gartner Review 1

Here’s another review where a user faced a limited data credit challenge.

Gartner Review 2

This recent review mentions how ZoomInfo was good initially, how much Zoominfo credits cost their business, and how they found themselves in an auto-renewal clause after spending a hefty amount on ZoomInfo.

Gartner Review 3

These are just a few reviews from the past 12 months where users shared the common challenge of expensive packaging and limited ZoomInfo credits. Most of the reviews are from mid-market companies and can be a learning opportunity for companies looking for a data provider.

How to Switch to Unlimited B2B Data Credits

Every company wants MORE. More data, more credits, and more customer service. That’s what we are here for. We don’t want to put any limits on your prospecting. When you switch to SalesIntel, you get:

  • Unlimited data access.
  • Uncompromised data quality.
  • Unmatched customer service. 

We have already seen how limited credits and data access can stop you from casting a wider net to drive potential customers to your pipeline. And, forget about experimenting with new audience segments. 

With ZoomInfo (and other similar competitors), users typically have to purchase ZoomInfo credits and then utilize those credits to access various features such as email addresses, phone numbers, data exports, and CRM integration. However, this credit-based system often leads to concerns among different teams within an organization. Marketers worry about running out of credits for their campaigns, sales teams are concerned about having enough credits for effective prospecting, and Revenue Operations (RevOps) teams worry about having sufficient credits to maintain clean and enriched data. Everyone has to fight over a shared resource.

In contrast, SalesIntel offers a solution that eliminates the need to worry about counting credits altogether. With SalesIntel, all the essential features are included as part of the package. This means users have unlimited access to email addresses, mobile phone numbers, account firmographics, account technographics, downloads, exports, integrations, web visitor insights, and data enrichment. 

By removing the credit-based model, SalesIntel provides a seamless and worry-free experience for all teams, ensuring they have the necessary resources to work together and optimize their sales and marketing efforts.

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Use Unlimited Data to:

  • Identify ICP and bolster your go-to-market efforts

By utilizing unlimited data and saying goodbye to credits, you can effectively identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and strengthen your go-to-market efforts. With access to a comprehensive go-to-market solution that offers unlimited data, you can experiment continuously and gather valuable insights about your target audience. Tailor your strategies and messaging to resonate with the right prospects.

  • Drive your company’s GTM strategy toward best-fit accounts

Use data to drive your company’s GTM strategy towards best-fit accounts. By leveraging unlimited data, you can conduct thorough research and analysis to identify the accounts that align most closely with your business objectives and offerings. This allows you to focus your resources and efforts on engaging with high-potential accounts, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions and revenue generation.

  • Create predictable pipeline growth

By having access to a wealth of data, you can support your demand generation function and maximize its potential. With a deep understanding of your target audience and their needs, you can develop highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that effectively generate demand and drive consistent growth in your sales pipeline. Create predictable growth without additional data credit costs or hassles.

  • Optimize multi-channel campaign outreach

Optimize multi-channel campaign outreach with unmatched B2B marketing intelligence to accelerate conversion rates and exceed marketing goals. With a comprehensive view of your target market, including valuable insights on demographics, firmographics, and technographics, you can tailor your messaging and channel selection to resonate with your audience. This targeted approach accelerates conversion rates, exceeds marketing goals, and improves overall campaign performance. 

  • Increase inbound pipeline growth

Identify and attract high-quality inbound leads that align with your ICP without ever detracting resources from your outbound campaigns. Fully enrich all inbound prospects to have their full account and contact data. This results in a continuous influx of relevant leads that have a higher likelihood of conversion, driving sustainable growth for your business.

  • Improve outbound pipeline efficiency

Precisely target your outbound efforts, ensuring that your outreach is directed toward prospects who closely match your ICP and are most likely to close. Always target qualified prospects with accurate contact data to reduce time wasted on bad-fit accounts and correcting misinformation. 

  • Enhance sales and marketing alignment

No more cross-departmental cold wars on ‘Who moved my cheese credits?’ due to exhausted ZoomInfo credits. By providing both teams with unlimited access to valuable B2B data, you ensure they are all working with the information and insights they need. All teams can analyze and evaluate lead quality metrics consistently. This shared understanding of lead quality and data usage improves the alignment between sales and marketing, enabling them to work together to optimize lead generation strategies and drive higher conversion rates.

  • Focus your roadmap on products/features for your ICP

Access the data you need to focus your roadmap on products or features that align with your ICP at no extra cost. By utilizing your unlimited data credits, you gain valuable insights into the technographics, news alerts, firmographics, and intent data without having to pay for extra industries or segments. This enables you to prioritize product development and feature enhancements that resonate with your ICP, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, increased adoption, and improved business growth.

SalesIntel’s Unlimited Data Revolution

“We believe reliable go-to-market intelligence should be accessible to all organizations, not just those who can afford the premium fees of larger solutions.” – Manoj Ramnani

SalesIntel is revolutionizing what B2B companies should expect from go-to-market intelligence solutions by simplifying their pricing: one plan with unlimited account and contact data.  

Unlimited means unrestricted access to the millions of account and contact data points available – including account firmographics, account technographics, news/alerts data, contact data, and more. You never have to worry about running out of credits again. If you can see it, you can use it.

Here’s what you get:

  • Unrestricted Access to Millions of Account and Contact Data Points

Access unlimited contact and company data with over 90 million contacts and 22 million company accounts. 

Our research team reverifies every contact every 90 days for accuracy so you always reach your intended target. Our research team confirms account data so you have the most up-to-date information for your go-to-market strategy. 

  • Account Firmographics

While ZoomInfo credits are limited for firmographics, SalesIntel gives you access to unlimited firmographic data to cast a wider net for lead generation. Use search filters such as SIC, NAICS, company size, revenue, employee count, location, funding, and more, combined with accurate contact data including emails and mobile phones, to qualify ideal prospects and target them with maximum precision.

  • Account Technographics

While accessing technographic data falls under limited ZoomInfo credits, SalesIntel gives you unlimited credits to use our 300M technographic data points to stay ahead of your competition. Find insights on your prospects’ technology stacks, and track changes happening in their tech portfolios to better anticipate their evolving needs.

  • Company News/Alerts Data

Company news offers insights into significant events such as new funding rounds, executive hires, strategy updates, press releases, product launches, expansions, and mergers and acquisitions. These signals act as indicators of change, including shifts in strategies, leadership roles, customer transitions, and the emergence of new potential customers within your target market.

SalesIntel offers comprehensive coverage across 39 categories, including seven major categories and 32 subcategories. This extensive coverage ensures that businesses have access to a diverse range of relevant information to inform their strategies and decision-making processes.

modernized and enhanced news data

  • B2B Buyer Intent Data 

See who is actively researching your solution with our Bombora-powered intent solution. Prioritize companies intending to purchase, identify decision-makers, and gather accurate contact information to launch your outreach.

For all the marketers who want to contribute more and more to the company’s revenue, there are untapped, unreached opportunities for you. So, stop limiting your pipeline and switch to SalesIntel’s unlimited B2B data credits.  

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