Finding the Best ZoomInfo Competitors in 2023 – Why, Who and How

ZoomInfo is a premier business intelligence product that combines an extensive company database with data analysis tools. Companies like ZoomInfo and DnB used to be the go-to data intelligence platforms for thousands of salespeople, marketers, and recruiters. However, the industry is changing.

ZoomInfo’s subscriptions have recently increased in price. Given the data quality and customer issues around contract auto-renewals, the price increase was not received well by many consumers. This change has caused many people to consider a replacement for ZoomInfo.

If you too have not had a satisfying experience, consider exploring some of the top Zoominfo competitors listed in this article.

But, before we jump into exploring the various competitors to ZoomInfo, let’s quickly look at some of the primary reasons ZoomInfo users should look for other data platform options.

Why Businesses Switch Over to Competitors of ZoomInfo

1. Pricing 

Pricing has been the primary concern for most users to switch to another data partner. Rising prices over time are natural when you are running a business. However, it should be in proportion with the value the platform brings to your sales prospecting such as data quality, accessibility to other data, and more.

(Source: G2 Review)

2. Data Quality  

Users are questioning data quality with the price increasing. Here’s an experience shared on G2 by one of the users. 

(Source: G2 Review)

3. Platform Onboarding

Onboarding is a crucial part of being able to successfully adopt and use your data platform. Assisting and educating users quickly is essential to providing a good customer experience. If users feel a tool is too difficult or time-consuming, they won’t use it, and your ROI will go down.

Here’s an experience shared by the user. 

(Source: G2 Review)

Of course, beside those there may be other factors leading companies to start exploring competitors to ZoomInfo in search of more value from a new  data partner. However, the ones mentioned above are top of mind and commonly seen in the voice of customers.  

Now that you know why users are switching over from ZoomInfo let’s look at the best competitors to ZoomInfo when considering making a switch and what other companies like ZoomInfo there are in the market


ZoomInfo Competitors List


SalesIntel has emerged as one of the top ZoomInfo competitors for consumers looking for a similar solution without ZoomInfo’s considerable flaws.

ZoomInfo has a larger database than SalesIntel because it has been in the industry for a longer time. But, SalesIntel users thrive with relevant and human-verified data. You’ll find more contacts in ZoomInfo, but there are more useful, industry-specific contacts for you in SalesIntel.

ZoomInfo divides its database into various functionalities and provides licenses for certain features rather than a whole solution. For example, a customer with a ZoomInfo license for direct dialing cannot access mobile numbers. While ZoomInfo has a big database, much of it is inaccessible to its customers. Unless, they pay additional fees for each of the functions, which exponentially increases prices.

SalesIntel’s extensive database includes email, direct dials, and the industry’s most work mobile dials. The best part, however, is that each of SalesIntel’s clients gets access to the entire database.

SalesIntel provides an ideal data platform for sales prospecting, offering additional data such as technographics, Buyer Intent Data, direct work mobile dials, data enrichment feature, free chrome extension for real-time prospecting – RevDriver, and visitor identification tool – VisitorIntel.

What’s more? You can export the data to your CRM and marketing tools automatically. 

 Data is re-verified every 90 days to maintain accuracy and avoid decay. With over 140k new contacts validated each week, the database is rapidly expanding in size. 

Here’s a head-to-head comparison between ZoomInfo and SalesIntel to know why SalesIntel tops the list of ZoomInfo competitors


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Another company worth exploring in the list of competitors to ZoomInfo is Apollo. It offers a data platform that combines project management, time management, and a CRM all in a single integrated interface.

With Apollo, you can easily manage projects, use its calendar packed with various features, communicate with team members using project messages (email integration included), create invoices, and manage time entries.

All of this is available on a single platform. Instead of moving data into your CRM and marketing and sales tools, everything is together in one system. The dashboard is clear and concise. You can check your tasks, calendar, projects, and contacts. There is also an overview feature, so you don’t have to check every segment of every project separately.


Lusha is an email and phone number finder mainly used for application monitoring and recruiting. However, sales and marketing professionals may use it to strengthen their initiatives.

This application is easy to use, and it makes it simple to locate the emails and phone numbers of prospective clients and possible employees/partners. Furthermore, both the accuracy and reaction rate are high.

Lusha may help marketers and salespeople by retrieving precise contact information for potential customers. However, it may also benefit HR managers and recruiters by allowing them to swiftly and efficiently contact the most qualified applications and potential prospects. According to most users, the most important benefit is the accuracy of contact information obtained.

Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sophisticated sales tool utilized by a wide range of sales teams and businesses.

Sales Navigator is designed to establish and develop consumer connections on the LinkedIn network, and turn LinkedIn into a prospecting tool. Using the search and filter options, a user may find the correct type of consumer.

In addition, the app gives actionable information and insights that help users better understand leads and prospects. Users may then interact with them by providing personalized and targeted material and offers.

Furthermore, LinkedIn Sales Navigator separates users’ personal and professional brands, allowing them to focus on various topics at different times.


Cognism offers SMBs, mid-market, and large organizations with globally compatible contact, company, and event information.

Cognism includes firmographics, technographics, sales trigger events, intent data, verified business emails, and human-confirmed cell numbers, and assists companies in connecting with their ideal prospects wherever they are – whether in Europe, the United States, or elsewhere.


6Sense is a data intelligence tool for sales and marketing departments.

It provides sales and marketing teams with valuable information on companies and leads. 6Sense also assists in streamlining the lead generation and research processes, increasing conversions, and maximizing marketing ROI.

This platform uses machine learning and predictive intelligence to provide users with insights into technographic and firmographic data. You can search several rival technologies while also learning about a company’s purchasing habits, technological usage, and spending.

6Sense also delivers corporate and lead intelligence such as email or direct dial information, social activities, financial data, goods and services, and key decision-makers.


Clearbit focuses on data quality. Their approach intends to improve scoring, routing, and income. Clearbit automatically refreshes sales records with current company and contact information.

This software solution was created to help you better target and locate suitable prospects. When lead scoring and segment lists are in place, there is a reasonable probability of reaching out to the correct individual with the right message.

Clearbit’s features also allow you to research a specific sector, receive valuable marketing data, and even experience mobile user assistance.

Reviewers point out high data accuracy, easy-to-use UI, and Salesforce integration as highlights. 


Prospecting is simple using LeadIQ. The developers of this tool had only one goal: to eliminate the most inconvenient aspects of prospecting.

And according to the feedback, they succeeded. LeadIQ is ideal for prospecting groups. Its data has high accuracy, and a direct connection with CRMs (such as Salesforce) saves time.

One of the best aspects of this ZoomInfo rival is its simplicity. When Salesforce is linked, you may access contact data without disrupting prospecting activities and input data directly into a database.


Another prominent player in the list of competitors of ZoomInfo is Demandbase. It delivers account analytics to organizations to aid in their GTM plans. 

Account identification uses machine learning to increase lead generation and targeted sales. Demandbase provides highly selected and timely insights into over 104 million growing businesses. It assists in converting every discussion into an opportunity by using the customer’s intent, engagement level, and technological profile. In comparison to ZoomInfo, customer service is better.

People expressed worry about two significant issues: – 

  • The data from deep-insights for target accounts is slightly pricey.
  • The product documentation is out of date, resulting in reliance on installation specialists. is a ZoomInfo rival that assists marketers in finding and developing sales leads. makes it simple to find prospects and gather emails and phone numbers.

Furthermore, this platform collects information that may be useful, especially if you are seeking insights before forming business contacts. imports data seamlessly into your CRM and has a simple user interface. You may find fresh leads by just inputting a title name or a department name.

Picking The Best Amongst ZoomInfo Competitors for Your Business

There is no doubt that ZoomInfo is an excellent tool for expanding your business. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to obtain great sales leads.

All of the 10 competitors of ZoomInfo discussed in this post will help you meet your revenue goals at a better price point. So, be sure to evaluate all the tools and their characteristics, and have this listicle accessible to make a well-informed decision.

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