Seamless Alternatives: How SalesIntel Wins Over

Seamless Alternatives: How SalesIntel Wins Over

Evaluating data partners used to be an easy task. Price was the only concern. The earlier evaluation process was two dimensional where businesses used to check-

  1. Pricing
  2. Quantity of data within the quoted price

However, the data industry grew more competitive. Data inaccuracy and access are the primary reasons to switch data providers today. As the evaluation process has evolved, it has also become a challenge to compare similar services and get the important details in one place.

Two primary data providers are and SalesIntel. However, Seamless customers have had unique pain points which Seamless alternatives can alleviate.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of and SalesIntel.

SalesIntel – Best Amongst the Seamless Alternatives

The Primary Differentiator?

When exploring Seamless alternatives like SalesIntel, the distinguishing factor lies in the quality and reliability of the data provided. SalesIntel emerges as a standout option, boasting a robust re-verification schedule that ensures the utmost accuracy and currency of information. Unlike, SalesIntel incorporates advanced artificial intelligence to identify growth intent triggers within companies, enabling users to capitalize on opportunities effectively.

A common frustration among users revolves around encountering inaccurate and outdated data, which can impede the sales process. In contrast, SalesIntel prioritizes data accuracy, minimizing the risk of encountering unreliable information and optimizing sales efficiency.

Furthermore, while relies solely on data scraped from LinkedIn, SalesIntel adopts a more comprehensive approach by sourcing data from multiple reputable channels. This diversified data collection strategy enhances the depth and breadth of insights available to users, empowering them with a deeper understanding of their target market.

SalesIntel is a superior alternative to, offering more accurate, timely, and actionable data. By leveraging SalesIntel, sales professionals can make informed decisions and drive better results.

SalesIntel Mastering Data Verification

SalesIntel follows a triple-layered data verification process, making it the best Seamless alternative.

Step 1: Human Verification

At SalesIntel, we prioritize the accuracy and reliability of our data through comprehensive email verification processes. Our email verification system employs multiple validation layers, including SMTP verification, human verification, and email open validation. This multi-step approach ensures that the email addresses in our database are accurate, actively used, and responsive.

Step 2: Research-on-Demand

We offer a Research-on-Demand service when an email address is unavailable in our database. We understand that incomplete contact records can hinder your prospecting efforts, so our dedicated team of over 2,000 researchers is ready to swiftly locate the information you need. Whether it’s verifying individual contacts within our email or machine-verified accuracy tiers or requesting entirely new contacts, our Research-on-Demand service ensures that you have access to the most comprehensive and reliable data available.

Step 3: 90-Days Re-verification

Additionally, we pride ourselves on our unmatched re-verification schedule. Unlike our competitors, who may only re-verify their data sporadically or infrequently, we re-verify all our email addresses every 90 days. This frequent re-verification cycle ensures that our data remains up-to-date, accurate, and reliable, giving you the confidence to engage with your prospects effectively and maximize your sales opportunities. With SalesIntel, you can trust that your data is always current and actionable, empowering you to achieve your sales objectives confidently.


Data is useful for you only if it is relevant to your target niche, verified correctly, and updated regularly. solely depends on artificial intelligence (AI) for data verification. That means the data is predicted based on AI and thus can lack high accuracy. They have emails tagged as unknown and even ‘do not email’ as mentioned on one of their web pages. So the numbers in the data size column and their sales pitch might look big, but that isn’t the case. There’s also no reverification process in place.

SalesIntel’s database has both human-verified and machine-verified data. The data is reverified every 90 days to prevent data decay and maintain the highest accuracy. We have over 1,900 researchers working to ensure you have all the data you need.

Here’s a head-to-head data comparison by G2:


On G2 and Capterra, users have expressed disappointment with’s data accuracy. Some say their data accuracy was below 36%, while others say their data is 50-60% accurate. A G2 review also mentioned their email database has a 30% bounce rate.

Here’s a recent experience shared by a user:

(Source: G2)

Contact Numbers and Direct-Dials

Saving time in reaching the decision marker is the primary reason businesses use data platforms. Talking to the gatekeeper and convincing them to connect you to the decision-maker is often an effort in futility. You need direct dials. users say their direct dials and phone numbers are inaccurate, and almost no cell phone numbers are available.

Here’s a real LinkedIn user comment to a SalesIntel post.

Here’s a review of on G2:


SalesIntel goes beyond direct dials and offers work mobile dials to improve your dial-to-connect ratio. SalesIntel offers 95% data accuracy and has the highest number of human-verified work mobile numbers in the industry.

SalesIntel has made it easy to get past the gatekeepers and reach the decision-makers.


Intent Data

SalesIntel also offers Company Surge® Intent data powered by Bombora. You can combine intent data with SalesIntel’s 95% accurate, human-verified B2B contact and company data to:

  • Know who is interested in products or services similar to yours
  • Know what they are searching for and their interests before reaching out to them
  • Identify their decision-makers and connect with them faster or before your competitor does

With, you don’t get access to intent data. also doesn’t provide psychographic data like SalesIntel.

Data Verdict: If you’re a business that takes a data-driven approach to sales and marketing or requires an in-depth and broad range of B2B insights, SalesIntel is the better choice.

Research On Demand

If you need contacts and company data that is not in our database or you want to human-verify specific data, you can make a research-on-demand request. Our RoD team will fulfill the request within 2-48 hours. You will always be able to get the data you need.

On the other hand, lacks research-on-demand services.

RoD Verdict: SalesIntel goes beyond the data in its database to fulfill your data requirement.

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Chrome Extension

The free Chrome extension primarily provides contact data and insights for people and companies. The data is fetched from the platform, so the data quality concern remains the same.

RevDriver, SalesIntel’s free Chrome extension, helps you perform real-time prospecting. The data is fetched from SalesIntel, so you can always count on the data accuracy. You get access to firmographic and technographic information. The contact data reveals include email addresses, mobile numbers, direct dials, and other relevant phone numbers.


Our core focus has always been on quality and user experience. RevDriver intelligently provides users with company and contact information directly from company websites, Salesforce and LinkedIn. It makes the everyday research that comes with sales more actionable and valuable and serves as a critical tool for actively prospecting across the web.

Freemium RevDriver users can export the revealed data to their CRM or MAP. Additionally, they get a credit counter to keep track of their credits and use them wisely. Furthermore, premium users can submit research-on-demand requests for specific contacts.

Customer Experience

As you can see on G2, SalesIntel surpasses across the board. SalesIntel’s easy-to-use, intuitive, and uncomplicated platform has always impressed users. On the other hand, users aren’t enthused with their platform and service. They complain the platform is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when building prospect lists.

Extension Verdict:

Considering features and data availability, RevDriver is a better Chrome extension for prospecting, list building, lead generation, and sales intelligence.

User Ratings

Evaluating the data partners, or any company, based on reviews and ratings has become mandatory before buying. G2 has been the most trusted review site that presents the review in detail.

On G2, SalesIntel has a higher overall rating of 4.4 than’s 4.2.

On Capterra, has a lot of catching up to do as SalesIntel holds a 4.3 rating, whereas has a rating of 3.9.

Further, almost 74% of SalesIntel users are willing to recommend us, according to Capterra. For, only 20% of their users show a willingness to recommend them.

On Gartner, SalesIntel has a 4.4 rating, whereas is not listed.

Rating Verdict:

Users liked SalesIntel more than


As you can see on G2, SalesIntel surpasses across the board. SalesIntel’s easy-to-use, intuitive, and uncomplicated platform has always impressed users. On the other hand, users aren’t enthused with their platform and service. They complain the platform is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when building prospect lists.


Other complaints like limited database and user function, poor onboarding, unintuitive data organization, cumbersome filters, and limited functionality to pull data further illustrate why SalesIntel is better than

Here’s a review of on Capterra:


Customer Experience Verdict:

From onboarding to ease of setup and use, SalesIntel matched customer expectations whereas fell short.


There are quite a few users who think the company’s annual contracts are not fair. makes it difficult for users to cancel their subscriptions. Some of their users get the feeling of being forced into a 12-month contract.

Comparatively, SalesIntel is transparent with our annual contracts. We don’t lock customers in for another year early or have any auto-renewal condition in our contracts. Customers can cancel their SalesIntel subscription anytime by simply sending an email requesting the cancelation.

Here’s a review of on G2:



Following all the best auto-renewal practices and offering transparency in the contract, SalesIntel wins over and, in fact, any Seamless alternatives.

Customer Support has received flak for its customer service. Their customers complain about receiving repeated, unhelpful responses from the support team. Online reviews reveal that when their customers need troubleshooting or complain about inaccurate data, the support team asks them to watch a video or if they need more training.

Here’s a review of on G2:

Screen-Shot-2023-01-03-at-10.42.25-AM customers are displeased with the support team for not being honest with them. Moreover, they complain about not being able to talk to a real person when they need help.

SalesIntel, on the other hand, is known for its top-quality, expert, and empathetic customer service. Our support team quickly responds to customer queries and provides practical solutions should customers face any issue with our platform and services.



SalesIntel is here to talk to you whenever you need to.


Be it onboarding, problem-solving, attending to special requests, answering customer questions, or following up, our support reps don’t fail to impress.


Price evaluation used to be looked at as the cost vs. data quantity. However, businesses started realizing that by focusing only on quantity, they overlook data accuracy, which costs them more and hurts revenue generation.


When people switch to SalesIntel from data providers like ZoomInfo,, or any other data provider, talk in terms of data quality and relevancy. So, the definition of pricing has changed. It is more about getting value for money. doesn’t appear to offer the value its customers deserve. Further, they have their limitations concerning platform use and performance, features, range of data, data segmentation, data enrichment, and customer service.


SalesIntel—as a complete and more comprehensive, accurate sales intelligence platform—is an excellent replacement for Our affordable price, customizable plans, industry-leading data intelligence solutions, and top-notch customer support trump at different levels.

Verdict: When you look at pricing and think purely about price per contact, has a lower price. But, when you consider the ROI on price per contact, SalesIntel becomes the better value.

Final Verdict: SalesIntel is the Best Seamless Alternative

With more accessible data, increased quality, superior functionality, and higher value, SalesIntel outperforms Seamless across the board and is the choice for consumers searching for  Seamless alternatives.

If isn’t a fit, SalesIntel is worth switching to.

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