How Revenue Operations (RevOps) Teams Drive Growth With SalesIntel’s B2B Contact and Company Data

How Revenue Operations (RevOps) Teams Drive Growth With SalesIntel’s B2B Contact and Company Data

Revenue Operations (RevOps) teams are focused on the alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success operations to drive growth and keep all teams accountable to revenue. To do this, they need data. Quality data. 

According to Experian’s Global Data Management Research, only 51% of teams consider the current state of their CRM data to be clean, accurate, and useful. 

To enhance operational efficiency, RevOps teams need data quality tools to cleanse, normalize and unify their B2B data into a complete and consistent data set, accessible to all parties. That’s where SalesIntel comes in. 

Why Quality Matters

When selecting a contact data provider, quality is one of the most important aspects to consider. Dun and Bradstreet’s annual B2B Marketing Data Report showed that 100% of the B2B companies that increased their investment in data quality saw overall performance gains. About 94% reported that their sales and marketing performance improved as well. 

On the flip side, those who did not invest or decreased their investment in data quality saw no improvement in sales or marketing performance and 75% saw a decline. 

The need for high-quality B2B data is steadily increasing and has a direct impact on a company’s success. It’s not enough to just invest in tools that give you more data. The data needs to be valuable and usable by your team. 

Adding Value with Enrichment  

SalesIntel allows you to enrich your existing data sets, adding value to what’s already in your CRM. 

On average, data decays at a rate of 30% per year. The impact of this decay costs businesses millions in revenue annually. Assume you have 2,000 contacts and 5% of them changed their last names, addresses, phone numbers, jobs, or other important information in the last month. 

That change was not recorded in your CRM, so you now have 100 stale records in your database, and that number grows rapidly month after month. When you factor in the costs associated with using bad data, it can add up quickly!

SalesIntel features integrations with the most popular CRMs, which allows you to enrich your data automatically, saving time and money. You can automatically deduplicate new and existing records by scheduling your database to be enriched every time a new contact or account is added or apply filters to get the exact missing data points manually. 

How to Set Up and Use Data Enrichment from SalesIntel on Vimeo.

Our Data Enrichment feature ensures your CRM or email marketing systems always have the most reliable data.

Choosing The Best B2B Data Provider

When comparing data providers, there are a number of things to consider. Here’s what users found to be their top considerations when choosing a B2B data provider like SalesIntel.

1. Data Completeness 

As a RevOps leader, what matters most is having accurate data to share with your teams. With SalesIntel, you get access to millions of human-verified B2B contacts along with the insights you need. Our data goes through a re-verification process every 90-days to avoid data decay so you can get up-to-date data every time you use it.  

Fill in the gaps in your inbound and event leads or any existing B2B data list within a few clicks with our data enrichment feature.  You can easily append missing fields for contact records such as email, phone, company, location, or LinkedIn profiles. Having complete data enables your marketing and sales efforts to be more focused. At SalesIntel, B2B data enrichment is included in all of our packages, so you don’t have to worry about an upcharge. 

“Accuracy is key but so is integration,” said Lee Vienup, RevOps Manager at Airbase. “Ideally a provider can help us keep our current database up to date without creating additional noise.” Thankfully, with our CRM integrations, you can easily keep your data accurate, fill in missing information, get more insight into company technographics, and more without losing your native environment.

2. Research On Demand 

Are you searching for specific data points and not having any luck? If you discover the data you’re searching for is not in our portal, our Research on Demand (RoD) team will work with you to identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and develop a personalized list. RoD can be used to find contacts by specifying either an account, department, level, persona, or a mix of them all. 

Our team then provides human-verified contact information by calling or emailing each contact to verify them.  With 1,900 on-demand researchers validating up to 500,000 contacts every week, we ensure we deliver the exact contact you need with 95% data accuracy.

3. Deduplication of Accounts

SalesIntel’s Director of RevOps, Daniel Lewis tells us “for a RevOps team, one of the main challenges is managing controlled chaos.” When it’s a sales free-for-all, there are usually a lot of duplicate records created between salespeople and marketing departments using all the data tools available to them.

Plus, having accurate, deduped accounts is necessary for a good Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach or partnership strategy where you’re managing multiple layers (such as multiple roles, departments, etc) in a single company or groups of companies for enterprise sales

SalesIntel can automatically dedupe the accounts in your CRM, ensuring the data your team is using is an accurate and up-to-date representation of your contacts. 

4. Easy to Integrate 

Since RevOps teams interface with multiple departments, you need to make sure new tools are user-friendly and quick to learn. Our clients say that SalesIntel has one of the easiest onboarding experiences in the industry – and most of our clients switch from another data provider. Our support teams ensure that SalesIntel is completely integrated into your tech stack and processes, and your team is thoroughly educated and onboarded. 

Our clients agree, “I feel like [SalesIntel] is easy enough, you could figure it out in about 15 minutes, the basics, the A and B. I think it’s remarkable,” said Jeff Patridge, Central Region Sales Manager at Northern Safety & Industrial (NSI). “I could teach it to anybody in about 15 minutes. It’s not intimidating.”

5. Growing with Your Goals 

Our team works to improve and stay aligned with your revenue operations objectives. We work diligently to integrate your CRM and form third-party relationships to provide the most comprehensive B2B data solution. You can be confident that you’re partnering with a reliable data provider who can deliver the accurate data you need to power your revenue operations.

You’ll also have access to SalesIntel’s Customer Success team, who will help you make sense of your data enrichment, and coach your team on best practices for utilizing your B2B data. Don’t just take our word for it, our reviewers will tell you “The customer service is the BEST I have ever had from a data company. Completely willing to go the extra mile to get you what you need.” 

Drive Your Growth with SalesIntel

Our high quality of our human-verified data, along with our great customer service, has enabled our customers to reach new prospects they would not have otherwise. RevOps teams can use our B2B data to get the best information to your sales and marketing teams, allowing them to make data-backed, revenue-generating decisions.

Get the support system your team needs to improve efficiency across the revenue process, drive revenue predictability, and achieve revenue growth.

Try SalesIntel today to gain access to millions of human-verified B2B contacts and maximize the value of your data with features such as buyer intent signals, data enrichment, technographic and firmographic filters, and more. 

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