ASB: Increasing Productivity to Improve Relationships and Win New Clients with SalesIntel


“I am confident in stating that the partnership with SalesIntel has changed my business and my brand 100%” – Adele S. Busch, 3-years SalesIntel Client, Founder/CEO at ASB Business Services, LLC

About the Client

ASB Business Services, LLC is a business development solutions provider that specializes in personalized and exclusive Executive Telephone Outreach along with business research and prospect development. Established in 2015, ASB’s custom solutions help businesses elevate their sales performance by pivoting from traditional cold telemarketing to targeted business development outreach.

We had a discussion with Adele S. Busch, Founder & CEO at ASB Business Services, LLC, to learn about her experiences and why she continues to choose SalesIntel.

The Challenges

Offering business development solutions to companies of varying industries, ASB serves a diverse market of small to medium businesses, in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area. Researching the right accounts and decision-makers was a major challenge. They mostly used internet searches, LinkedIn, company websites, and made endless calls to find the information on their target prospects, often being transferred from one office to the other across the USA. Being a Solopreneur, most of the research was done by Adele, thus consuming a lot of her time and taking a toll on her productivity.

As she put it, “Before partnering with SalesIntel, it was an unproductive and dissatisfying period in my business journey. My business was growing and I knew there was a better way and I needed a contact data solution sooner than later.”

Finally, a breaking point was reached. An inordinate and frustrating amount of time was being spent on contact research for a specific client.

“I got tangled up with a project where I spent more time trying to find the right contacts in the companies the client wanted to reach. I spent more time calling around trying to find this information that I did making productive phone calls. I knew there had to be a solution. That’s when I started looking for a contact data platform to complement my work, improve my business and help my clients get the right contacts the first time.”


Finding the Ideal Solution

Adele went out looking for a data provider that could deliver a solution specific to her client’s needs. After much research and deliberation, she finally opted for SalesIntel as we offered a customized solution that suited and fit her small business model.

“I am a solopreneur, and SalesIntel made it a point to understand my small business model, my budget, and why I needed reliable B2B Contact Data,” Adele said.

After the papers were signed, the onboarding process was seamless, instantaneous, transparent, and personal. 

“We talked on the phone every day to make sure I had what I needed and the platform was working effectively. Jason Rosenthal, my SalesIntel account representative often took time and offered tips on how to search and how to use the various functions,” she said. “by using SalesIntel, it was more than learning to use a new platform. I gave me more self-confidence and more self-reliance. I discovered that SalesIntel is ‘user-friendly’ and I can do this”!

Leveraging Data to Transform Business

After ASB started using SalesIntel, Adele quickly realized the immense potential the product had for business growth by reaching customers she couldn’t reach before. “It brought some back to the table”.

“I enjoy being the one who can locate information for my clients that no one else can find,” Adele said. 

“We, my clients and I love the competitive advantage that CORRECT contact data provides so they can be the ‘first one in the door’ and make the best first impression on their prospects”.

Clients are frequently able to close business based purely on being able to start conversations with the right contacts. She shared one such example with us in our discussion:

“I had a young lady come to me who had a small specialty food business. She had a particular product that she wanted to market to a restaurant group with a national footprint, headquartered here in Columbus, Ohio.

“I did some research for her using SalesIntel and located found the executive chef who I assumed would be the best contact for her. I placed a call and he was the right person. He call my client back the same day and made arrangement to get samples of her products. It was amazing. She couldn’t wait to call me and tell me about that. SalesIntel helped the client, the restaurant and I hit the jackpot!”

On average SalesIntel is directly responsible for generating 60% of the pipeline for Adele’s clients. Using intent data and contact data has shown immediate results.

“Clients will come to me with an idea of who they would like to contact but often they do not have a prospect list. Or they have a list that they got on their one from an unreliable source that is not relevant. I respectfully suggest that we try using SalesIntel and an Intent Data search to find the best contacts. They see the difference in the quality of the data. There is no comparison. It makes me feel good when I know that I can offer them a resource that will help them, not bog them down. SalesIntel is amazing, it’s awesome and I love using it for my client’s success!

Saving Time and Improving Work/Life Balance

The time savings have also made an impact on both Adele’s business and her work/life balance. 

“You’d be surprised how much easier it’ll make things for you just by having [SalesIntel] at your fingertips. I’ve been known to sit up till two or three in the morning sometimes during the research because it’s that easy. Before we had to wait till the businesses were open and call and go through the whole organization to try to find the right person. Now I can sit there at night, open SalesIntel, have the information ready for the client, and we run with it the next day.”

Adele’s been able to spend more time on herself and building her business. She’s able to network more, rest more, and achieve a better work/life balance.

“I can now make more time to go the gym, work out or ride my bike, so that’s good.” Adele joked. ‘These are things that I love to do”!

Building Better Relationships

On a personal level, the ease of using the platform gave Adele more confidence in using state-of-the-art technology for her business processes and transformed her role into a “Consultant and Strategist”.

With SalesIntel to back her research and telephone outreach, she has become an expert in reaching “the right contacts in the right companies, in the right way” and has helped clients hit their niche market with hyper-targeted precision.

By sharing SalesIntel during her pitches, Adele has been able to win new clients easily. 

“What I generally do is get on a Zoom call with a prospective client, and I show them how the platform works, using their “ideal client” profile in SalesIntel. When they see the results, they usually say ‘Wow.’ They love it. We’re able to close business with them seamlessly by being to build a phone campaign with the contacts that they need. I always suggest that they start with an introductory email or email follow-up to our phone calls. The emails addresses are needed so they can initiate conversations and make connections. It’s a win-win-win.”

SalesIntel has become the backbone of Adele’s relationships with her clients.

“We combine our telephone strategies with the data from SalesIntel to make the best connections and take the relationship to the next level for our clients.”

She has been able to take initiatives from clients and transform them into high-return approaches with Research-on-Demand and contacts from SalesIntel. When using Research-on-Demand, Adele can share a list of contacts for SalesIntel to find and quickly verify contact information.

“I work with a client that decided to do some lead generation. They put SEO in place. The SEO brought in leads from all over the United States, in the healthcare sector. They assigned that task to me. They said, ‘Adele, we want you to take these leads and put them into our CRM, but we’re not sure how good they are.

“I took the leads that were generated by SEO, and I matched them up against SalesIntel, and we found that SalesIntel was a lot more accurate than the SEO [lead data].

SalesIntel became a driving force for this client’s project. Some of the SEO data was inaccurate and speculative. Adele wanted this client to have high-quality contact data. So she used SalesIntel to find the key decision-makers in these healthcare organizations so that they would be able to communicate with the right people and it worked well. 

“I was able to use the Research-on-Demand feature and RevDriver (the SalesIntel App) to verify the key people directly from LinkedIn. The client is now creating a plan to start using the data that was sourced from SalesIntel and reach out on a national level for their business.  I also used it to cross-reference data on competitors for them. Once again, SalesIntel helped bring in the right people, in the right companies in the right way from the right source.”

An Ideal Fit and Investment

Being a small business owner, Adele has greatly appreciated SalesIntel for its flexibility to understand and accommodate her small business needs without overshooting her budget. She was also pleased with the quality of customer support and said, “As a first-time SalesIntel partner, I was impressed with the friendly, caring, and knowledgeable staff. I enjoy being on a first-name basis with everyone.”

Ever since partnering with SalesIntel, ASB Business Services has seen remarkable improvements in their sales process and registered healthy growth. Moreover, several of ASB’s colleagues have expressed interest in SalesIntel for their business. Adele said proudly, “I never hesitate to send referrals to SalesIntel because I know it is an ideal solution and my colleagues will have an unprecedented experience partnering with SalesIntel.”

“Overall, SalesInteI is more than an investment in your business. It is an investment in your clients, your colleagues, your professional development, and an investment in your life.”