Devensoft: Leveraging The Best Data Without Cost Overruns


“When you are a small team, efficiency is really important. SalesIntel fits in very well. “

Nick Perdikis, CEO at Devensoft

About Devensoft

Devensoft is a SaaS B2B company that offers cloud solutions to help companies manage their merger, acquisition and strategic programs. A pioneer and leader of its domain, Devensoft offers web-based tools for corporate development, due diligence, document versioning, integration management, task and project management, and much more. Their commitment to building innovative and cutting-edge solutions that their clients need remains a key driver of their record-breaking success. 

We had a nice long chat with Nick Perdikis, CEO at Devensoft to understand their process of finding and engaging prospects and how using SalesIntel has augmented their efforts.


The Challenge

Being a product company with a precise use case, i.e M&As, Devensoft has to rely on an ultra-targeted approach to discover and nurture new clients, for which they deploy a whole range of tools at varying stages of their sales process. While they have sufficiently large TAM, they operate in a niche domain owing to their limited exposure to all verticals and for that reason, they have to target very specific buyer personas. 

Given such unique requirements, they have to take a layered approach to find and contact people of interest as few data providers can meet their requirements. As Nick pointed out, “Sometimes the best of tools out there may not have our kind of audience in them.” 

They had earlier subscribed to a popular data platform and the results weren’t encouraging, to say the least. “With them, it was 50:50”, said Nick talking about the coverage and accuracy of their previous data vendor. 

This meant they had to put a lot of time and effort into getting the data they needed for effective outreach and it remained a bottleneck for their efficiency. 

Discovering a Better Solution 

During the time Nick was looking for alternative solutions to ease the pain points in their sales process, he learned about SalesIntel through MindShare- a community of CEOs in the DC area. Being impressed by the positive reviews from our existing customers, he decided to engage in a trial and was pleased with our data accuracy and coverage. 

“We did random trials with each of the companies and validated them against our datasets. Frankly, it was worse. Most of them were way outdated. Not really worth the premium they were asking for.” explained Nick about his evaluation process and experience for other industry leaders. 

Since SalesIntel came out on top of all their evaluations, they finally decided to switch their data vendor and signed the dotted line. 

Seamless Transition, Improved Efficiency 

The first experience that they had of SalesIntel was that it was simple, intuitive and feature-rich. The seamless integration and quick training helped them get up and running in a very short time- easing the anxieties of transitioning to a new platform. 

As Nick pointed out, “The software was simple and intuitive. It didn’t require us to devote a lot of time for training”. “The parameters on which you can search on are very comprehensive and you make it simple”, he continued explaining the ease of usage and resourcefulness of the SalesIntel data portal. 

Overall, Devensoft has been quite pleased with the results of their transition and are excited about the improved efficiency SalesIntel has brought to their process, which in turn would reflect in the quarterly numbers. Since utilizing SalesIntel they have seen phone connections increase by approximately 30% and email bounce rates decrease by 10%!

“When you are a small team, efficiency is really important. It (SalesIntel) fits in very well.”, remarked Nick to capture their overall experience with SalesIntel.