Inspirata: Building Sales Pipeline at Lower Cost


“SalesIntel has helped us grow our target audience and improve the quality of our overall sales and marketing outreach.”

Stephanie Hannigan, Marketing Specialist at Inspirata

About the Client

Inspirata is a cutting-edge health technology provider with expertise in digital pathology, cancer informatics, and much more. The company remains at the frontier of modernizing healthcare systems with its fast, reliable, and robust solutions. Recognizing its role in the current health crisis and the need to give back to its community, Inspirata has been offering to affected healthcare organizations a version of its digital pathology workflow solution, Dynamyx, free of charge for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We sat down with Stephanie Hannigan, Marketing Specialist at Inspirata to learn about their experiences using SalesIntel and the results it has delivered.


The Challenge

Operating in an intricate industry such as healthcare, the company has always needed in-depth data and insights to find new prospects and build their pipeline. The company had previously been using a data provider specializing in healthcare, which was just too expensive as it provided a number of features for which Inspirata did not have a real need. In addition, that provider’s database was more limited to C-level contacts only. So they went out looking for alternative data solutions who could help them build a large database to strengthen their outreach program.

Inspirata replaced the legacy solution with a combination of two platforms, SalesIntel and another popular data provider. The decision was to use both platforms for a while to determine which one fits Inspirata’s needs better.

More Data, More Opportunities, Lower Cost

The first thing they noticed after signing for SalesIntel was that it was much simpler to use than their other data subscription and they could actually use SalesIntel to build their own database without spending a fortune.

“We had a huge amount of credits to export which was a big deal because we were looking to grow our database,” said Stephanie referring to our data export feature.

This combination of high-quality data at lower cost meant that their team almost always found itself using SalesIntel for the research and prospecting needs.

“I rarely use the other data platform because we have such a small amount of credits for such a huge cost. I practically use SalesIntel for everything,” explained Stephanie about her preference for SalesIntel.

Having built a large database, the company has now become much more effective in its outreach programs and has received significantly better results.

“We have grown our demand-generation effort a lot with SalesIntel,” said Stephanie pointing to the impact SalesIntel has had on their outreach programs.

Another thing they love about working with SalesIntel is our prompt and helpful customer service. They have their monthly check-in to walk them through any new updates or features and to address any general queries. Stephanie was particularly appreciative of our prompt customer service response.

As she mentioned one of the instances, “Even getting in touch with people at the other data platform is a nightmare. I had a simple question and it took them almost 2 weeks to get back to me. I emailed SalesIntel at 6 PM and got an immediate response.”

Looking Forward

Overall, Inspirata so far has been pleased to have SalesIntel a part of their sales and marketing stack and we have been able to meet all their needs. With a much larger database and our research-on-demand at their disposal, they are confident of reaping exponential returns in the future.