Unlimited Credits. Limitless Opportunity. Why We Need a Pricing Revolution in the B2B Data World

Unlimited Everything White Paper

Mark year 2023. We’re starting a Pricing Revolution in the B2B data world.

Pricing in the B2B data intelligence industry has evolved to have become predatory and unfriendly for customers while largely benefitting the platform / service providers. Data companies have prioritized extracting as much profit from each customer as possible ahead of providing the best data, the best software, and the best service to as many customers as possible.

SalesIntel is changing that with Unlimited Credits. That means unrestricted access to data and limitless revenue opportunity.

We’re creating a B2B data revolution to put customers and their go-to- market teams first. The word revolution might look dramatic, but unlimited credits and access to data brings a major paradigm shift in the way customers can use full-cycle B2B go-to-market intelligence to their advantage. We’re reviving the idea of unlimited data access and expanding it to firmographic, technographic, and all other types of data a team needs. SalesIntel wants to offer unlimited everything you need. GTM teams control their own destiny and no longer have to worry about managing data credits or being punished for their success.Download this eBook to understand:

  • How our Everything Unlimited plan helps customers
  • How unlimited credits can service all your GTM needs
  • How our Unlimited Everything works – top 10 questions