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Find, reach, and win your ideal customers with SalesIntel.

Connect with prospects faster to accelerate revenue.

Real-Time Prospecting

Real-time Prospecting

Instantly find human-verified contact information for your prospects.

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B2B Buyer Intent Data

B2B Buyer Intent Data

Identify the correct decision-maker at the ideal company at the right time with Buyer Intent Data.

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Human-Verified Phone Numbers

Human-Verified Mobile Numbers and Direct Dials

Instantly find and call your future customers so you can match the speed of demand and increase speed-to-lead.

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Our data platform connects directly to our Integration Partners so we can deliver best-in class B2B data intelligence capabilities wherever our customers need them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SalesIntel

  • Who uses SalesIntel?

    SalesIntel helps Sales, Marketing, Revenue Operations and Recruiting / Talent Acquisition teams find the accurate contact information for their targeted prospects and candidates. Learn more about our solutions for SalesMarketingRevOps and Recruiting teams.

  • What is Accurate Human-Verified Data?

    Our world-class research team of human researchers verifies and validates the accuracy of our data by calling direct dial phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, sending emails, and double-checking everything.To maintain high accuracy and avoid data decay, we reverify our data every 90 days, so you always have the most reliable contact and company data.

  • How do you maintain high accuracy and avoid data decay?

    Our research team is equipped with advanced tools and works consciously to keep the data up-to-date. SalesIntel reverifies its recruiting data every 90 days to prevent data decay or bad data. SalesIntel has its data research team, unlike other data providers, where data amalgamates two or more data companies. You can trust the accuracy as most of the data you get will be human-verified, whereas other data companies focus on verification based on an algorithm that follows a particular email pattern. If you need human-verified data on a specific company or candidate that’s not already covered in SalesIntel’s database, send us a research-on-demand (ROD) request. Our certified ROD researchers can deliver you the requested data with human verification within a matter of just hours.

  • Do you have mobile numbers?

    SalesIntel offers the highest number of mobile numbers in the industry. Our human-verified direct dials and mobile numbers give you the ability to instantly find and call your future customers

  • How do we get data on contacts you don’t have?

    No database will have all the contacts you need, that is why we go the extra mile for our customers. Our Research on Demand team provides human-verified contact information by request for contact records that cannot be confirmed. With 1,900 on-demand researchers validating up to 500,000 contacts every week, we ensure we deliver the exact contact you need with 95% data accuracy. Our customers also get access to our Express Research on Demand (ROD) service to rapidly verify email addresses for your email marketing campaigns. This allows you to keep your momentum while you await other contact properties like mobile phone, direct phone, personal email and more.

  • Is the SalesIntel platform easy to use?

    SalesIntel is rated 8.9/10 by users on G2 for ease of use and set up. SalesIntel is natively integrated with leading CRMs and Sales and Marketing automation systems including Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Zoho, Marketo, Salesloft and more.

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Building a Sales & Marketing Engine Using SalesIntel

“We were looking at, honestly, sixteen attempts prior to an average contact previously before someone would say yes or no. We’re probably now around eight or nine.”

Gregory E. Corbett

Senior Vice President of Sales


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