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Take the Guesswork Out of Recruiting

With SalesIntel’s advanced contact and company data, recruiters can identify the right people at the right companies to succeed in their recruitment efforts. Screen for titles, roles, contact info, company data, technologies used and organizational structure, and ensure you’re always targeting your efforts at the right candidates.

Find Companies Looking for Recruiting Agencies

With Buyer Intent Data you'll be able to identify which organizations are actively hiring talent and are looking for talent acquisition services. Learn More

Get Candidate Phones Numbers on LinkedIn

Use RevDriver, SalesIntel's Chrome extension, to source our 95% accurate human-verified email addresses, cell phone numbers. Another way to get the info you need while working where the candidates are! Increase response rates, better engagement and fast-track your entire recruitment process.
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SalesIntel’s 95% accurate and human-verified contact data enables HR, staffing, and recruiting professionals to fast-track their hiring process. If you are looking for professionals from specific company sizes, locations, and companies with sound revenue performance, firmographic data will help you filter those. If you are looking for professionals familiar with particular technologies and tools, technographic data makes it easy for you.

If you can make your communication valuable, candidates are more likely to be interested, especially if you want to recruit someone at a higher position.

Our research team is equipped with advanced tools and works consciously to keep the data

SalesIntel reverifies its recruiting data every 90 days to prevent data decay or bad data. SalesIntel has its data research team, unlike other data providers, where data amalgamates two or more data companies. You can trust the accuracy as most of the data you get will be human-verified, whereas other data companies focus on verification based on an algorithm that follows a particular email pattern.

If you need human-verified data on a specific company or candidate that’s not already covered in SalesIntel’s database, send us a research-on-demand (ROD) request. Our certified ROD researchers can deliver you the requested data with human verification within a matter of just hours.

Besides enabling you to build a robust candidate pipeline, SalesIntel helps you go beyond just the resume. With SalesIntel, you can screen for titles, roles, contact info, company data, technologies used, and organizational structure and ensure you’re always targeting your efforts at the suitable candidates.

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Up-To-Date Data

Get the most up-to-date data for professionals with our reliable contact database reverified every 90-days to maintain high accuracy.


Buyer Intent Data

Identify and approach only those companies that are actively looking to recruit using Buyer Intent Data across relevant topics.


LinkedIn Talent Search

Make your talent hunt faster and more targeted with our RevDriver Google Chrome extension. Reveal information about candidates simply by visiting their LinkedIn profile.


Candidate Prospecting

Do not let internal changes within a company (changes to title, roles, etc.) make your candidate pool redundant. Rely on our 95% accurate contact records for tracking down candidates at new companies and positions.


Direct Work Mobile Dials

Get the highest number of direct work mobile dials in the industry to immediately connect with your ideal candidates and fast track your talent acquisition.


Research on Demand

Have a specific list of companies or professionals? Build custom lists or use our Research On Demand team to quickly discover accurate contacts and speed up hiring.

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“I have been using other data providers long enough and noticed an immediate difference. You have cell phones, direct phones, other cell phones, personal email. Makes my job a lot easier.”
David Segun, Business Development Representative

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