Hone In On Active Accounts and In-Market Buyers with SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent

Hone In On Active Accounts and In-Market Buyers with SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent

SalesIntel continues to strive to help its customers prospect faster, more accurately and more intelligently. With the launch of PredictiveIntent, SalesIntel makes B2B intent data more dynamic and enables marketing and sales teams to achieve higher engagement and conversion rates from their campaigns. With signals from VisitorIntel, company News and Alerts, and B2B intent data, go to market teams can laser focus on best-fit accounts and contacts that are actively showing interest and intent. This enables them  to identify, target and engage prospects early in the buying cycle, prioritize and score leads more effectively, and win against competition.

What is PredictiveIntent?

Revenue teams know that more intent signals lead to shorter sales cycles and more closed deals. When used alongside VisitorIntel, News, and Bombora intent, SalesIntel’s Predictive intent gives customers multiple signals to find and prioritize best-fit accounts – all within the SalesIntel platform.

What is Predictive Intent

With SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent, GTM teams:

  • Shorten sales cycles and increase deal velocity
  • Capture more leads, earlier
  • Steal leads from competitors
  • Leverage multiple signals to inform a comprehensive GTM motion 
  • Build better ABM marketing efforts
  • Deliver targeted paid ad strategies
  • Increase their ROI

ROI for Accounts Showing Intent

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent and Data Privacy  

While B2B sales and marketing benefit immensely from high quality B2B intent data, how the data is sourced and processed remains a key concern for business. Privacy remains a key concern for businesses using intent data in their marketing efforts because they must comply with rules, such as GDPR and CCPA, regarding the collection and usage of customer data. 

We’ve covered this subject in detail, describing:

The data obtained is based on consent frameworks in place across all of the sources of data. This means that when SalesIntel customers use our PredictiveIntent, they get intent data that is:

  1. Fully compliant with privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA
  2. Accurate, up-to-date, and actionable

Where PredictiveIntent Data Comes From

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent combines signals from its own proprietary data engine through website visitor tracking, company news, and publisher data. In addition to publisher data, PredictiveIntent uses modern AI models to ingest multiple data sets including:

  • 100M+ contacts
  • News data and alert triggers
  • Account firmographic growth signals
  • Account tech install and adoption
  • Research, survey, and interview data
  • Exclusive partnership data that tracks the interaction between buyers and sellers through the buying journeys (e.g., online and in-person events)

Check out the Buyer Intent Data Guide Ebook

Buyer Intent Data Guide Ebook

SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent Uses


  • Marketing teams can build and scale ABM campaigns, spending less time searching for new, high-quality, target accounts and focusing on best-fit targets.
  • Go to market teams and precisely narrow audiences for special campaigns, paid ads, events and more
  • Marketing teams can feed sales with targeted audience for outbounding


  • Identify accounts showing interest to prioritize sales/marketing efforts.


  • Sales leaders can focus the sales organization on accounts showing interest, increasing deal velocity and shortening sales cycles

How SalesIntel Customers Use Intent Data To Drive More Conversions and Deals

With signals from VisitorIntel using reverse IP lookup, company news and alerts such as funding, hiring, product releases and more, and intent data combining thousands of active intent topics, you can monitor accounts for a specific topic, score the account based on activity score. With this level of activity detail on your target accounts, you can focus on active target accounts that are most likely to purchase products and services like yours.

50% Jump in Connection Rates with Intent Data Sales Plays 

“We were looking at, honestly, 16 attempts prior to an average contact previously before someone would say yes or no. We’re probably now around eight or nine.”

Gregory E. Corbett
Senior Vice President for Sales

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