Introducing SalesIntel’s Account Technographic Data APIs.

Reveal the tech landscape for 22 million companies across 18,000 technologies. 

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SalesIntel Company Technographics APIs

Yield the deepest, truest picture of the technology landscape of your targeted companies. Surface accurate and relevant results on systems of your choice using our API.

Quantify your ideal customer profile based on their technology footprint including usage of competing tech.

Append tech stack details for 22 million companies.

Programmatically discover and append tech installs for 22m companies, by domain or company name. Select from 18,000 detailed technologies to define your ICP and target competitive takeaways.


Access on systems of your choice.

Append tech stack details to a set of companies and make that data available in the application of your choice with our easy-to-use REST API that returns JSON search results. 


Initiate coverage of new technologies.

Our 2,000-person Research on Demand team adds new data to our platform 10 days or less after it’s requested.


Why SalesIntel?


18,000+ technology products, logically organized in 19 categories, and 172 sub-categories  overed across 22 million accounts, profiling 300 million+ unique technology install records.

First Party Data Sources

We fully own our data and source it directly from our exclusive partnerships with talent management companies, dozens of public sources including websites, job listings, and a proprietary Network of 14.4M users contributing tech install data, and other signals sourced from our systems.

Scalable through AI & Human in the loop

Data processed using our patented AI platform & NLP (natural language processing) engine, then verified by our 2,000-person Research-on-Demand team that adds new data to our platform everyday at clients’ request.

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