Introducing SalesIntel’s Contacts APIs.

Reveal over 120 million B2B contacts, including 18 million decision makers and 54 million mobile & direct dials.

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SalesIntel B2B Contacts APIs

Activate the industry’s highest quality B2B contact data in systems of your choice using our API.

Surface contacts in your target accounts to drastically improve go-to-market efficiency.

Add decision-makers and new contacts at targeted companies.

Build target lists to begin conversations with decision-makers with confidence, knowing the contact information is verified every 90 days by human researchers.


Append B2B contact details to identified contacts.

Programmatically append contact details for key personas, such as job department, job level, email, phone, mobile, LinkedIn profile, and more, to have a complete view of a person/contact.


Integrate into systems of your choice.

Append desired contact details to a set of contact records and make that data available in the application of your choice with our easy to use REST API that returns JSON search results. Integrate this data into your CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, and your proprietary systems. 


Extensive data for developers.

With more than 120 million contacts, 54M mobile & direct-dial contacts, detailed coverage on over 18 million US B2B decision-makers, developers have access to an extensive database to serve a variety of B2B and B2C use cases.


Data growth with quality control.

Our 2,000-person Research on Demand team adds new data to our platform 10 days or less after it’s requested.


Why SalesIntel?


120 million machine verified contacts, 54M mobile & direct-dial contacts, detailed coverage on over 18 million US B2B decision makers, 95% accuracy and 90-day data re-verification cycle.

First Party Data Sources

We fully own our data and source it directly from our internal first party sources, crowdsourced platforms, exclusive partnerships with companies, and our proprietary algorithms and other signals sourced from our systems.

Scalable through AI & Human Verification

On-going investment in both natural language processing and human verification keeps our contacts comprehensive and current. A 2,000-person Research-on-Demand team adds new data to our platform constantly.

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