Introducing SalesIntel’s Company News APIs.

Reveal the news landscape for 22 million companies sourced from 7,600+ publications and nearly one million stories, daily.

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SalesIntel Company News APIs

Retrieve news articles for a set of companies, specified by domain. Specify a category or specific type of news of interest, along with publication or extraction dates and get accurate and relevant news results on systems of your choice.

Surface In-Market Accounts and Get the Insights You Need to Drive Go-to-Market Efficiency.

Search by news categories.

Search for company news across categories including Corporate, Financial & Legal, Growth, Personnel Changes and more.


Search by news types.

Search for company news across key events and updates/alerts including Founding, Earnings, IPO, Product Lunches, Hiring, Layoffs, Leadership Changes and more.


Easy access for developers.

Our easy to use REST API returns JSON search results for current and historic news articles, along with the related metadata, published by worldwide sources.


Get alerts for target accounts.

Set up alerts for specific categories or companies and stay up-to-date with the latest news and alerts.


Complete market research.

Get historical news for data analytics and trends analysis for decision-making.


Create a better work space.

Integrate a news feed in your platform or build a wide range of applications and integrations.


Why SalesIntel?

Relevant, timely company news

Over 7,600+ publishers contribute data to SalesIntel. We process over 750k company news articles daily to extract classified, filtered, and actionable company news results

Worldwide scale

Our data platform is used by over 800 businesses worldwide to enhance their go-to-market agility and augment their business understanding.

Industry first taxonomy

Using our NLP models we process and categorize news in 32 categories, making it the most usable taxonomy in the industry.

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