Revolutionizing the B2B Data Pricing Model with Limitless Pipeline

Revolutionizing the B2B Data Pricing Model with Limitless Pipeline

If you’ve been following along with our past editions of Empower, first off, thank you for reading! Second, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of your go-to-market (GTM) team and how your team should work together for your best results. But, B2B pricing is frequently designed to limit how much data your team can use and place barriers on your growth. 

Pricing in the B2B intelligence industry has evolved into a predatory and unfriendly place. Companies have prioritized extracting as much profit from each customer as possible ahead of providing the best data, the best software, and the best service to as many customers as possible. 

Customers are trapped by their current providers. Prices can rise seemingly at random. Overage bills arrive unexpectedly. There is no easy way to access everything you need for success.

Our customers want a better solution, so we’ve changed SalesIntel to an unlimited data pricing plan. We think the best practices for expanding your pipeline and growing your business depend on full access to available data. You shouldn’t have to pay extra for what you actually need. And you should get trapped with predatory contract terms, including data destroy clauses.

What is Our Unlimited Data Pricing Model?

Our new pricing plan is designed around the realities of growing your business and sales pipeline. Instead of having a payment model designed to maximize the data provider’s revenue, our new model addresses the best practices and concerns for finding your ideal account profile (ICP), accessing your full market, surfacing accounts already in the market, and meeting all of your sales and marketing needs. 

All verified email addresses, direct dial numbers, mobile phone numbers, job titles, and company name contact data credits are unlimited. This includes 100 million contacts with an average of 3.3 data points describing them.

All technographic, firmographic, and news data points are unlimited. This includes 22 million accounts and 300 million data-point coverage from an intuitive taxonomy set a new standard for B2B technographic data.

All SalesIntel features are included, such VisitorIntel, saved searches, auto alerts, Research on Demand, buying intent, and more. You have full access to the entire SalesIntel platform.

And you have permission to use our data for any of your first-party go-to-market needs. This includes integrating, downloading, exporting, enrichment, etc.

Unlimited Data is Designed for Your Whole GTM Team

Unlimited data lets you discover and target your Ideal Customer Profile, ICP, close accounts showing buying intent, and fully power your sales and marketing teams. But unlimited data also means every part of your pipeline can function at maximum efficiency. 

Pay-per-credit pricing limits and other anti-consumer positions, such as data destroy clauses, restrain how you can use your data and keep it accurate. SalesIntel has no data destroy clause. Asking you to keep track of which data is yours and which is ours is asking the impossible. Data destroy clauses are designed to hold your data hostage so you don’t switch providers. We think your provider needs to earn your business and show value year after year. That’s our goal.

We want every team to have the data they need to be successful. No more stressing about hitting your credit limit and paying for overages, halting your outreach, or letting your data decay.

Marketing can run targeted ad campaigns and segment your audience for targeted outreach. Sales can find priority prospects that match your ideal customer profile and show buying intent. RevOps can keep all your data enriched and accurate for your usage and revenue forecasting. 

Everyone has what they need without being nickeled and dimed for each audience segment and data type. Maintaining your data hygiene and fully powering your pipeline are both essential. Your GTM team shouldn’t have to choose.

Unlimited Data Maximizes Your ROI Across Your Whole Pipeline

Instead of being limited and having your growth delayed by your data provider, you should be empowered. As a GTM professional, your performance is constantly monitored and evaluated. You shouldn’t have to face additional restrictions and bottlenecks from your provider. You’re paying them to help you!

With SalesIntel’s new pricing plan, you have unlimited access to your market. You can test and optimize your ICP without ever pulling resources away from what is already successful. And, when you find a target segment, you can strike while the iron is hot instead of waiting to receive more credits. Unlimited data access means you can move at the fast pace you want.

Your B2B feeds every other tool and part of your pipeline. Your CRM, sales tools, and marketing platforms all depend on accurate, available data. To see the promised ROI from the tools you’ve already invested in, you need unlimited data to keep them running at max efficiency.

All facets of your GTM pipeline can grow without competing with each other. Your advertising spend can be spent on the exact accounts you want to target, while your marketing emails and sales calls can target different segments. Each part of your pipeline can be fed, and each team can freely research and experiment. Your success and growth are fully back in your hands.

If you’d like to learn more about our new pricing plan and see if SalesIntel is the best fit for you, visit our pricing page.

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