Support GTM Teams With Unlimited Data Access

Support GTM Teams With Unlimited Data Access

A well-executed Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy is essential for organizations to thrive. GTM teams play a pivotal role in driving revenue growth and ensuring successful product launches. 

However, to achieve their goals effectively, GTM teams require accurate and up-to-date market data. In this blog post, we will explore the different teams that compose your GTM system and delve into how unlimited B2B data access can empower these teams to make informed decisions and achieve outstanding results. 

We’ll also compare ZoomInfo, Seamless, Lusha, and SalesIntel pricing and how our new unlimited data access plan benefits your team.

Sales Team 

The sales team is at the forefront of a company’s GTM efforts, responsible for generating revenue and closing deals. 

To excel in their roles, sales professionals need comprehensive information on prospective customers, including company profiles, key contacts, industry trends, and market insights. Accurate mail addresses and direct dial numbers are essential for starting conversations and saving sales from wasting their time.

Unlimited B2B data access equips the sales team with the ability to identify high-value prospects, understand their pain points, and tailor their sales pitches accordingly. Credit systems put an artificial limit on how many prospects your sales team can reach each month. With unlimited, real-time data, sales reps can build stronger relationships, increase conversion rates, and drive more revenue.

Marketing Team 

The marketing team plays a critical role in shaping the overall GTM strategy, creating brand awareness, and driving demand for products or services. 

To effectively target their audience, marketing professionals require accurate and granular data on customer demographics, preferences, and behavior. Audience segmentation and tailored content are how marketing grabs a prospect’s attention.

Unlimited B2B data access empowers marketing teams with valuable insights to develop personalized marketing campaigns, optimize messaging, and enhance customer segmentation with a single unlimited SalesIntel pricing plan. No need to buy additional licenses for different audience segments or halt how much testing you can do. Marketing depends on constant, data-driven experimentation. Unlimited data means you don’t have to play it safe to preserve credit usage.

By leveraging data-driven marketing strategies, GTM teams can maximize lead generation, nurture prospects, and ultimately boost conversion rates.

Product Development Team 

The product development team is responsible for creating and enhancing products or services that meet customer needs. To build innovative solutions and stay ahead of the competition, product development teams rely on market intelligence and feedback.

When data credits are limited, marketing and sales frequently lay the first claim so they can grow the pipeline. Since credits make data a limited resource, the product team can feel they are intruding and creating conflict with other teams when they ask to use data.

Unlimited B2B data access provides invaluable information on market trends, competitor analysis, and customer feedback, enabling product teams to identify gaps, prioritize feature development, and make data-backed decisions. By leveraging B2B data, product development teams can create offerings that resonate with customers, shorten time to market, and drive product success.

Customer Success Team 

The customer success team focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction and driving retention. To deliver exceptional customer experiences, they need deep insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. 

Access to customer news alerts, organizational changes, and technographics are seen as nice-to-haves for customer success instead of being tools for staying ahead of customer change to maintain strong relationships and find natural upsell opportunities. 

Unlimited B2B data access equips customer success teams with the ability to proactively identify customer needs, offer personalized support, and anticipate challenges. By leveraging comprehensive customer data, GTM teams can build long-lasting customer relationships, drive upsells and cross-sells, and foster customer loyalty.

Market Research Team  

The market research team plays a vital role in understanding the market landscape, industry trends, and competitive analysis. High data quality and continuous data enrichment are necessary for the research and recommendations to be accurate. If your research is done with out-of-date information, you won’t see the results you’re expecting.

Data credit systems cap the amount of data enrichment possible forcing teams to choose between new leads or keeping their current data accurate. Or, teams can be forced to choose which parts of their CRM they will intentionally let expire. If research teams can’t know their data is accurate then they can’t provide useful insights.

Unlimited B2B data access and enrichment enhances the capabilities of market research teams by providing real-time data on market sizing, customer behavior, and competitive intelligence. Armed with accurate and timely information, market research teams can identify new market opportunities, assess demand for products or services, and evaluate the viability of new ventures. B2B data access ensures that GTM teams can make data-driven decisions, mitigate risks, and seize market advantages.

Effective GTM teams are essential for organizations aiming to achieve success in the marketplace. By leveraging unlimited B2B data access, these teams can unlock valuable insights, make informed decisions, and drive revenue growth. Whether it’s the sales team, marketing team, product development team, customer success team, or market research team, unlimited B2B data access empowers each of them to excel in their respective roles.

SalesIntel’s Unlimited Credits for Its Users

SalesIntel is transforming the expectations of B2B companies regarding go-to-market intelligence solutions. The new SalesIntel pricing structure eliminates credits and makes data unlimited for our users. We offer a single plan that provides unlimited access to account and contact data, enrichment, integration use, and more. 

Compared to other competitors, our pricing is solely based on the number of users you have. When we say unlimited, we mean there are no restrictions on the millions of available data points, such as account firmographics, account technographics, news/alerts data, and contact information. There’s no need to worry about running out of credits because if you can see the data, you can use it without any limitations.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our RevDriver+ Chrome extension, Bombora’s buyer intent data, and our Research on Demand team. SalesIntel serves as a comprehensive platform that caters to all your go-to-market requirements, making it your go-to data solution.

Here’s why people are now switching from their existing data provider to SalesIntel:

ZoomInfo vs SalesIntel

With ZoomInfo, you purchase credits after spending around $15,000, which are then utilized to access email addresses and phone numbers. These credits are also used to export data to your CRM or marketing automation platform and maintain enriched data. Concerns arise in marketing about insufficient credits for campaigns, sales fear inadequate credits for effective prospecting, and RevOps is anxious about maintaining clean data due to limited enrichment credits.

You constantly have to monitor credit usage between all your teams creating extra stress and conflict.

At SalesIntel, you can put those worries aside because everything is included. You don’t have to concern yourself with credits because all the email addresses, mobile phone numbers, account firmographics, account technographics, downloads, exports, integrations, web visitor insights, and enrichment your teams require are provided.

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SalesIntel vs Seamless

Seamless has a basic plan of $125 per month for a single-user license, where you get around 1000 credits per day. But, you get the quality you pay for. relies exclusively on artificial intelligence (AI) for data verification, which means that the accuracy of their data can be limited as it is predicted by AI. Emails can be categorized as unknown or labeled ‘do not email.’ Although their data size and sales pitch may appear impressive, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual accuracy and data available for use. Additionally, lacks a human re-verification process to maintain data quality.

In contrast, SalesIntel’s database incorporates both human-verified and machine-verified data. They regularly reverify their data every 90 days to prevent data decay and maintain the highest level of accuracy. The best part? You get unlimited data access, irrespective of the department.

Here are comments from a couple of users who have used all three sales intelligence tools – SalesIntel, ZoomInfo, and

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SalesIntel vs Lusha

Lusha offers platform access for a base price of $15,000, with an additional cost of $1500 per additional user. The unlimited access provided by Lusha is limited to the sales department only. This means that other departments within an organization may face restrictions or additional charges if they require access to the platform. 

While Lusha can be a valuable resource for sales teams, its pricing model and limitations may not be suitable for organizations that need widespread access to contact data across various departments.

On the other hand, SalesIntel takes a different approach by offering unlimited data access without worrying about credits or restrictions based on departments. This means all teams within an organization can leverage the platform to access contact information, firmographics, technographics, and intent data in a single SalesIntel pricing package. 

In addition to its broader access, SalesIntel is known for its superior accuracy in providing contact data. This accuracy can be crucial for sales and marketing teams, as it ensures that the information they rely on is reliable and up-to-date.

Get Rid of the Credit Limits 

When opportunities are limitless, why put up artificial barriers to growth with data credits? After comparing ZoomInfo, Seamless, Lusha, and SalesIntel pricing, test which adds more value to your GTM teams’ efficiency. 

Schedule a SalesIntel demo tailored to your ICP and know your potential market available for outreach.