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Never Miss an Opportunity With Research-on-Demand

Suppose you need to reach the VP of Marketing at Netflix or a regional Manager at FedEx for a sales opportunity. How long would it take your team to find that person’s email addresses and phone numbers?

If you’re leveraging a data provider, it shouldn’t take more than a few moments before you’re back to selling. But what if the target contact isn’t in the providers system? What if the information they have is outdated? How long would it take then and would you be able to even find it? When you’re spending one to two hours finding decision-makers for high priority accounts that’s not so bad, but this is not isolated to one contact, account or even sales rep.

How many prospects does each sales rep have and how many reps are in your organization? This is hours and potentially weeks worth of time spent prospecting that should be spent closing!

While it may seem outlandish to some, ask any sales development rep or account executive and they’ll tell you it isn’t far from reality. This is the reason why companies in addition to using a data vendor will also use some kind of data enrichment service. Other times, they just hire an in-house researcher for the task. If you zoom out you’ll then see the larger redundancy in this picture. To put it bluntly, they first pay the data vendor to get the outdated information and then pay for enrichment to get it updated.

Now, this is not entirely the fault of data vendors either. It’s simply a fact of the industry. No data provider will ever have all the data with 100% accuracy. There will always be gaps and inaccuracies but how they compensate for those haps is what matters.

In most cases, many data vendors do nothing. After you purchase a license and you don’t find the data you need (or if it’s outdated), well, you are on your own. It’s a concern often echoed by customers as well. One of our clients when asked about the reason for choosing SalesIntel, quickly remarked, “the alternative was 3X the price. What if the data wasn’t there?”

That’s the concern we have solved with our Research-on-Demand (RoD) service. Any time a customer doesn’t find the data they need (or if it’s outdated), they can place a request and our researchers will locate that contact information for them. Our clients leverage this by expediting the verification of our 77+ million machine-verified records or by asking the research team to find net-new contacts in a niche market.

For example, if you are building a target list and the contact information of 50 prospects is missing, your team does not have to spin cycles hunting for that information. Simply place an RoD request, and you’ll get the information within hours.*

While we have been offering the Research-on-Demand service since day one, we continue to refine the process, improve user experience, and grow our research team to make it easier to use, reliable, and swift. Currently, we have 1200+ on-demand researchers who ensure exceptionally low turnaround times despite any surge in request volumes.

As for the user experience, it’s similar to ordering UberEats. You can track your data through various stages just like you track your driver from the time they accept the order to when it’s delivered at your door. Accessing quality data has never been so easy and transparent.

*Authors note: Research-on-Demand turn around times vary on size of the request.

To put it all in one sentence, Research-on-Demand ensures that you don’t just get the data we have but the data you need. We know that’s what matters when it comes to leveraging opportunities and why we focus on being your partner in growth.

Manoj Ramnani

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