Recap: A Recession is Coming: How Successful Sales Leaders are Navigating Their Teams Through the Downturn

RECAP - Feature 3

In challenging times, the light shines on leaders who can navigate their teams through the darkness.

How can sales leaders navigate their teams in 2H 2022 and beyond? Join us for this town hall featuring Steve Richard, SVP Value Realization at Mediafly and an expert in sales coaching.

Steve will share 2H 2022 advice for sales leaders, including:

  • How to shift from traditional sales training to data-led sales coaching that changes rep behavior to grow in the current market
  • How to get your reps to leverage a value selling approach to avoid stalled deals in your sales pipeline
  • How to use intelligence to tailor sales interactions and move buyers down the funnel faster

Steve Richard and Mediafly


Eric James and SalesIntel

Results and employee-oriented leader with a reputation for motivating and inspiring large teams to achieve exceptional results. An open and expert communicator who has a track record for clearly conveying company positions to senior leaders, employees, customers, accounts, and government officials. Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on developing people, service, quality, and ethics.