EBook: Master Selling to the Top: How to Deal with the C-Suite



Picture it: you’re working on an opportunity you deeply want to win. Your solution best meets the client’s needs, and you’re trending ahead of your competition. But you lose the deal over an objection from a C-level executive. What went wrong?

The needs of the C-suite are often quite different from other stakeholders. Sellers need to tailor their messages to them accordingly. Executives focus more on achieving the long-term vision of the company than on day-to-day tasks. When selling to the C-suite, your solution needs to address long-term goals.

Effectively selling to the C-suite requires a deeper understanding of how to decipher their decision-making style, how they disseminate information, and how to provide materials tailored to their unique style.

This eBook helps you to put yourself in CxO’s shoes to understand them closely. To start, let’s learn the most common (and crucial) challenges sales reps often face while selling to C-level executives.