15 Best B2B Sales Lead Databases For 2024

15 Best B2B Sales Lead Databases For 2024

Have you been struggling to find quality B2B sales leads?

Is your inaccurate or insufficient lead information affecting your bottom line? Did you have a bad experience with earlier sales lead databases and want to switch to a reliable data partner?

If you know your sales team could close more deals if they had more B2B lead information available, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the best B2B sales lead databases available in 2024.

15 Best B2B Sales Lead Databases For 2024


SalesIntel is a customer-service-focused B2B data provider with everything you need from a sales lead database – from account data to mobile phone numbers to intent data. Additional and frequent human verification adds high accuracy to the contact information of key decision-makers.

Bombora-powered intent data helps you identify leads searching for a product or solution similar to yours. It tracks the type of content your potential customers are consuming and who’s ready to buy. Find leads already in the market and close your deals faster.

The best part of SalesIntel’s? Customer service. If you have a list of prospects not in the SalesIntel database, you can use the Research-on-Demand feature to get your missing data in as little as two hours with no additional charge.

SalesIntel refines your search and allows you to focus on the companies actively searching and exploring solutions similar to yours.

RevDriver Chrome Extension

Access real-time prospecting and obtain respectable company and contact information with the RevDriver free Chrome plugin. As you browse LinkedIn profiles, websites, or other company-connected pages, you can easily collect information on people and organizations, adding them to your database.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has transformed the way over 500 million business people from more than 200 countries communicate, making it a useful resource as a sales lead database for B2B organizations. Getting started with social selling might be difficult, but it is helpful to the success of any B2B firm.

While LinkedIn may be used to some extent for social selling, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has filters and features to help you narrow your search and identify your ideal customer profile, develop the right list of customers, and boost your chances of conversion. You can filter millions of leads down to the relevant prospects for your business.


Cognism is a high-quality sales intelligence tool that uses AI and human verification to produce corporate and event data for new ventures. As a customer, you have access to technographics, firmographics, emails, and cellphone numbers, all useful tools to have for a sales lead database.

The program includes a mobile app and a Chrome extension, both of which are simple to use. They also keep “do not call” lists to prevent bothering any customers and maintain compliance. You’ll be able to minimize manual research, admin, and dialing incorrect numbers, making them a great sales lead database choice.


Hunter.io seeks out valuable client and customer emails. By inputting the company name, you can easily receive employee email addresses. Hunter allows you to begin your B2B lead creation process by locating email addresses for contacts you wish to target.

They provide lead creation services for email discovery as well as email verification. Your initial email addresses may be found on their website, but you must first register a free account.

They provide a free plan and higher choices based on how much lead generation you want to perform. The ease of use and cost makes them a great option for your sales lead database consideration.


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform with a substantial sales lead database that may help your sales force with lead creation, market research, and insight-driven engagement. It provides B2B analytics and corporate contact data to assist you in powering your GTM strategy.

You can access company phone numbers and confirmed email addresses of top executives and crucial business relationships. Targeted prospect lists can boost sales prospecting and conversion rates. However, you must pay extra to access data like direct dials, intent data, etc.

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Clearbit provides data for contacts at over 20 million businesses from 250 public and private data sources, making it a wonderful sales lead database option. Additionally, you can utilize the platform to see who is visiting your company’s website and optimize web intent signals so that you can customize messaging for the best response to these prospects.

Clearbit integrates with your existing technology stack to provide consistent, up-to-date data to your marketing, sales, and analytics teams. They have many tools available to improve your lead routing and scoring.


Slintel is a sales lead database with over 16 million companies and 275 million lead profiles. It assists you in gaining insight into your target prospects and reaching out to them. Its data availability includes contact information, industry research, and company information, which can be useful when prospecting.

Slintel has many tools and features to make your job a lot easier. From data segmentation and filtering, to lead insights to CRM software integration, you’ll be able to expand your reach to your contacts and leads.


Lusha is a data provider platform that can help you find and connect with B2B prospects, a great option for a sales lead database. It seamlessly integrates with many CRM and marketing platforms. It also has lead and performance monitoring features that can help you improve your business.

In Lusha, you can easily find up to 1000 contacts and businesses in a single search and then easily export your prospect lists to CRM or CSV. They also integrate with several platforms, including Salesforce, Outlook, Gmail, Hubspot, and Zoho.


Seamless.ai is a real-time search engine for B2B contact information, with direct dial phone numbers and email addresses for over 157 million businesses authenticated by an AI engine.

As a sales lead database, Seamless.ai provides relevant filters, such as industry, staff numbers, technology, and revenue. Their news and people alert features to notify you of which prospects to contact, enhancing lead quality and generation.


LeadIQ’s sales lead database is comprised of open data (found on company and social media websites), partnerships with over a dozen data providers, and a user community who have linked their inboxes to the platform.

LeadIQ is compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and offers several LinkedIn filters. Prospects can be directly pushed into a CRM, and compared to other contacts, offering continuous record updating and integrations with industry-leading tools.


RocketReach is a widely used sales lead database. By visiting their website, you can find the email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts of employees at your target companies. They also have a browser extension for finding leads on LinkedIn and Google.

RocketReach’s lead validation, lead analysis, and lead enrichment features assist you in effectively gaining insight into leads, and it is natively compatible with a wide range of CRMs and applications.


The contact data from Lead411 includes verified direct dial phone numbers, emails, trigger notifications (such as employment changes, compliance needs, and product or pricing changes), and lead intelligence insights.

An excellent choice for your sales lead database, it also provides Bombora Intent Data within its platform, allowing sales teams to identify firms and contacts actively looking for their products or services. Additionally, Lead411 offers a Chrome add-on to easily hunt down prospects’ emails and phone numbers.


LeadFuze enables you to obtain contact information for specific individuals or even for all employees at an organization. You can input a complete list of businesses and discover everyone in certain divisions inside those businesses.

You can also configure LeadFuze’s AI list builder, Fuzebot, to automatically add fresh daily leads that meet your criteria to your list. They also offer connectors with CRMs and email solutions to automate outreach efforts, with integrations including HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailshake, Salesflare, GSuite, PipeDrive, and Zapier.


UpLead provides over 85 million B2B contacts with 50+ search filters. A technology tracking system, account-based marketing applications, and competitor intelligence insights are also promoted on the platform.

Intent data triggers, data enrichment, and predictive modeling are among their lead generation and sales intelligence features, making it among the top contenders for B2B sales lead databases.

Reply Data

Reply Data is the newly-launched, free B2B database designed for SDRs, BDRs, sales leaders, marketers, recruiters, and agencies, to find accurate contact details of prospects. With free access to 150+ million contacts, 10+ search filters, native CRM integrations, and a handy Chrome extension – you get everything needed to build laser-focused prospect lists.

This database is a part of Reply – an AI-powered sales engagement platform that automates personalized outreach at scale. Therefore, users can engage all their found prospects through tailored multichannel sequences and AI-generated messaging with a single click. Reply Data users get 200 free data search credits each month, making this a completely free contact database, with various top-up options available for higher volume searches.


Kaspr is a B2B sales lead database that helps you find and collect business contact details. While prospecting on LinkedIn, users access over 500 million phone numbers and email addresses. It works well with CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, making it easy to sync data and find new leads.

Kaspr focuses on accuracy to provide up-to-date GPDR and CCPA-aligned data. Its easy-to-use interface lets you search, extract data, and integrate with CRMs smoothly.


B2B sales lead databases are a great way to ensure your business always has reliable leads.

With a solution like SalesIntel – which provides 95% human-verified data accuracy, showcases account information through expansive profiles, and can even be used to prospect while browsing the web – your team will have access to actionable and accurate data.

How do you know it’s time to switch?