Is Cognism Worth the Price? Comparing Cognism’s Pricing Plan

Is Cognism Worth the Price? Comparing Cognism’s Pricing Plan

Sales intelligence platforms like Cognism are gaining traction as a tool for sales. These platforms have garnered significant attention for their robust features and data-driven solutions. However, there are concerns regarding Cognism pricing versus competitors that might make you think twice before investing in the platform. When investing in a sales intelligence platform, pricing is pivotal in your final decision-making.

We will delve into an overview of Cognism pricing, focusing on the value provided and pricing structure. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll understand how Cogism pricing aligns with your business needs and budget.

What are the features?

Cognism offers SMBs, mid-market, and large organizations with globally compatible contact, company, and event information.

Cognism includes firmographics, technographics, sales trigger events, intent data, verified business emails, and human-confirmed cell numbers, and assists companies in connecting with their ideal prospects wherever they are – whether in Europe, the United States, or elsewhere.

Cognism can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Targeting ideal customers with personalized ads and emails
  • Tracking customer journey and activity
  • Automating data-driven sales outreach
  • Creating detailed reports to gain visibility into customer activity

What does Cognism claim?

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is paramount when selecting a B2B data provider. Inaccurate data can lead to wasted time and resources and damage the credibility and effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns.

Reliable and up-to-date data ensures that businesses target the right prospects, enhance their lead-generation efforts, and maximize conversion rates.

The Claim: 98% accuracy for data, verified by a human research team.

The Issue: Cognism “does not warrant….accuracy, likely results, or reliability” for data, according to the Disclaimer in their Terms & Conditions.

What’s Possible with SalesIntel: Our data comes from hundreds of researchers on the web and through our proprietary data feed. From there, the data undergoes an additional layer of verification through our human research team, augmented by patented research technology. Every contact is verified every 90 days by our team to maintain 95% accuracy of our data.

Data Coverage

The extent of data coverage provided by a B2B data provider is crucial in expanding the reach and effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies. A comprehensive database with a wide range of industries, geographies, and job titles ensures businesses have access to a diverse pool of potential customers.

Adequate data coverage enables targeted prospecting, personalized messaging, and a higher chance of reaching decision-makers within the target market.

The Claim:  “Cognism has an extensive global database of hundreds of millions of company and contact profiles. We don’t usually make general coverage claims.”

The Issue:  62.5% of phone numbers (mobile, direct dials, landlines) were incomplete, as found in an independent Cognism data test.

What’s Possible with SalesIntel:  Our ethically sourced, first-party B2B data offers you the curated, human-verified contact information you need to reach out to 17 million human-verified contacts at 22 million companies across the United States. We also offer the largest number of human-verified direct dials and mobile numbers in the industry.

Add onto that over 300 million technographic data points that are routinely updated faster than any other provider in the industry, so you can find key insights on your prospects’ technology stacks and better anticipate their evolving needs.

Data Validation

Data validation plays a vital role in maintaining data quality and ensuring that the information from a B2B data provider is accurate and reliable. Regular data validation processes, such as verification of email addresses and phone numbers, help eliminate outdated or incorrect data, improving the overall quality of the contact database. A data provider that emphasizes rigorous validation processes instills confidence in the accuracy of the provided data.

The Claim:  Diamonds-on-Demand is simply a way for you to flag your most valuable prospects and run them through the advanced Diamond verification engine.

The Issue:  Only available on the highest tier plan; their on-demand research platform, Diamonds on Demand, is limited and not scalable for clients. You must use the latest and highest-tier Cognism edition to unlock this feature. Users are limited to 50 monthly contacts, and they take 48 hours to verify.

What’s Possible with SalesIntel:  Our Research on Demand team will provide human-verified contact information on request for contact records that haven’t been confirmed previously. With over 2,000 on-demand researchers validating up to 500,000 contacts weekly, we ensure we deliver the exact contact you need with 95% data accuracy. Most requests are verified within a few hours Research on Demand is available for all clients.

Intent Data

Intent data provides valuable insights into the behavior and interests of potential buyers, indicating their level of interest and readiness to engage with a business. By leveraging intent data, B2B data providers can offer valuable information on prospect behavior, such as website visits, content interest, and online searches.

Integrating intent data into sales and marketing strategies enables businesses to prioritize leads, personalize outreach, and increase conversion rates.

The Claim:  Cognism’s Intent Data powered by Bombora provides immediately actionable insights and identifies buyers in demand.

The Issue:  Intent data powered by Bombora cannot be corroborated without website visitation data. Additionally, intent data is not offered with every package.

What’s Possible with SalesIntel:  With over 12,000 active Intent topics to choose from, you can monitor companies for a specific topic, score them based on activity level, and assign a threshold Company Surge® Intent Score to discover and pursue the targets most interested in your products and services. SalesIntel additionally identifies prospects in demand based on website visits through VisitorIntel providing an additional layer of intent data.

Data Sharing and Integrations

Collaboration and data sharing capabilities are increasingly important when selecting a B2B data provider. Integration with other sales and marketing tools, such as CRM systems and marketing automation platforms, allows for seamless data exchange and synchronization.

The ability to share data across different platforms enables businesses to streamline their processes, maintain data consistency, and optimize their overall sales and marketing workflows.

The Claim:  Cognism prohibits users from exposing data to any third party.

The Issue:  Cognism users cannot “reproduce, duplicate, copy…any of the data made available,” according to their Data Terms of Use.

What’s Possible with SalesIntel:  We believe you should have accurate sales intelligence on your terms, wherever you need it. Your data is yours to use, free from a data destroy clause. Our licenses permit clients to integrate our data into your tools and export CSVs.

Data Privacy Regulations

In an era of heightened data privacy concerns, compliance with data privacy regulations is critical when choosing a B2B data provider. Regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) require businesses to handle personal data responsibly and securely.

Partnering with a data provider that prioritizes data privacy and adheres to relevant regulations helps mitigate legal risks and safeguards the privacy rights of individuals.

The Claim:  Cognism claims they are #1 for Global GDPR & CCPA compliance.

The Issue:  All B2B data vendors must be CCPA/GDPR compliant to successfully sustain operations.

What’s Possible with SalesIntel:  SalesIntel is both CCPA & GDPR compliant. More information about how we source and use data can be found here.

What about the price?

Pricing is dependent on your company’s needs. While each data provider offers annual subscription packages customized to suit the size and needs of your business. Pricing is based on the number of user licenses, apps, and modules required and the number of credits needed for data export, research on demand, and enrichment.

Cognism’s Pricing Plans:

  • Diamond – $25,000 Access Fee, $2,500/user
  • Platinum – $15,000 Access Fee, $1,500/user

Cognism cost is based on a yearly access fee and a user fee. There are two plans – Diamond and Platinum, each of which provides different features, but the main differences lie in the number of contacts you can access.

The Platinum Plan offers access to up to 25 million contacts, costing $1,500/user/year. It also provides access to their products, such as Lead Builder, Insights, Data Segmentation, and more.

The Diamond Plan offers up to 50 million contacts for $2,500/user/year. This plan includes all features on the Platinum plan plus advanced AI-driven segmentation capabilities.

Once on a plan, users have unrestricted access to contact and company data, technologies, sales event triggers, and Diamond Data, included in all Cognism packages.

All users are granted access to the following:

  • Cognism web app
  • Cognism Chrome Extension
  • All available integrations

In addition to this, users have the option to add intent data (powered by Bombora) and Diamonds-on-Demand® (Cognism’s research-on-demand service) to their package for an additional cost. Cognism also offers credits as an add-on for bulk list-building workflows.

What about SalesIntel’s plans?

SalesIntel helps marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams deliver up to a 5x improvement in pipeline efficiency, leveraging comprehensive, quality B2B account intelligence and contact data.

With our new pricing, teams have access to unlimited everything. At SalesIntel, you never have to worry about credits because everything is included – all the email addresses, mobile phone numbers, account firmographics, account technographics, downloads, exports, integrations, web visitor insights, and enrichment your teams need.

Let’s Compare: SalesIntel vs. Cognism

Want to see it broken down visually?

The handy chart below demonstrates what you will (and won’t) be getting with your Cognism package.

Want to see it broken down visually?

SalesIntel Cognism
Unlimited email addresses

View, download, or export all the email addresses you need to build marketing lists for better prospecting.

Users must purchase bulk credits to build marketing lists.

Unlimited mobile phone numbers

View, download, or export all the phone numbers you need for better prospecting.

Users must purchase Diamond credits to use and verify mobile phone numbers.

Actionable contact data

Every contact has an email address and access to the highest number of quality mobile numbers available in the industry.

Not every contact has an email address or phone number, leaving you hanging.

Unlimited account firmographics

View, download, or export all the account firmographics you need for targeted segmentation.

Data credits give users access to limited exports of account firmographics.

Unlimited account technographics

View, download, or export all the account technographics you need for targeted segmentation. Search by vendor, product, and category.

Data credits give users access to limited exports of account technographics.

Unlimited website visitor intelligence

See every account visiting your website to measure in-market activity or intent.

No way to capture and use website visitor intelligence.

Unlimited data enrichment

Enrich your leads, contacts, and accounts at a regular cadence for clean data hygiene.

Users have a maximum number of data credits for data enrichment.

Authentic buyer intent data from Bombora you can update at any time

Track 12,000 topics to see who is in-market for your solution today. Change your intent topics at any time.

Users must be in the Diamond package to access buyer intent data. Intent topics can only be changed once per quarter.

Research on demand at scale

Our 2,000-person team of researchers will find any missing data in hours or days.

No time-bound SLAs to research account or contact information.

Customer service applauded by customers

Customers love our support! And it’s included at no additional cost.

Users don’t get a dedicated customer success manager.

Data usage

Use our data in perpetuity.

Users cannot use any Cognism

data upon termination.

Data destroy clause

You can keep your data even if you decide to no longer use SalesIntel.

Users must destroy all data exported to their CRM upon termination, including co-mingled data.

What are others saying?

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Cognism Pricing: Is it Worth the Price?

It depends. There are Cognism alternatives out there that offer a similar range of features. SalesIntel and Cognism both offer similar functionality. But they do have their differences.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful data enrichment platform that is easy to use and offers competitive pricing, then SalesIntel might be the better fit for you. Give it a try and test the data from both providers for yourself.