Lusha Pricing Plans & Cost 2024 (for SMBs & Enterprises)

Lusha Pricing Plans & Cost 2024 (for SMBs & Enterprises)

Lusha is a B2B sales intelligence tool that streamlines lead generation processes. This cloud-based platform grants users access to an extensive contact database comprising over 100 million business profiles and 15 million full company profiles. Functioning similarly to SalesIntel, Lusha helps create targeted prospect lists for B2B marketing and sales campaigns. Lusha pricing packages cater to a spectrum of businesses, from sole proprietors and SMBs to large enterprises.

The platform’s notable strengths lie in its expansive contact database, comprehensive array of features and integrations, positioning it as a contender among comparable tools in the market, but we’ll also review what current customers are saying about it.

Exploring the Lusha Database

The effectiveness of sales intelligence platforms hinges on the quality of the leads they offer. With a comprehensive pool of resources, Lusha’s database encompasses 100 million business profiles and 15 million company profiles. Moreover, it houses over 60 million decision-maker email addresses and 50 million direct dials.

Empowering marketing and sales endeavors, Lusha simplifies building targeted prospect lists through its advanced prospecting features, enabling users to uncover essential contact details such as email addresses, direct dials, and phone numbers. The database comprises various data types, including company and contact attributes, allowing users to access crucial information such as decision-makers’ names, job titles, seniority levels, roles, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Moreover, Lusha’s database incorporates firmographic data points, facilitating the identification of suitable prospects based on factors like company name, industry, employee count, revenue, and geographic location. While Lusha’s data accuracy rate stands at an impressive 81%, surpassing industry standards, it still falls short compared to leading B2B database providers that have a 95% data accuracy guarantee.

Lusha’s data undergoes third-party validation, with volunteers manually verifying the accuracy of contacts within the B2B database. Additionally, Lusha complies with industry standards like GDPR and CCPA. The platform sources its data from diverse channels, including social media feeds, public databases, and government sources, employing a proprietary algorithm and its network community to bolster the database’s credibility.

Highlighting Lusha’s Key Features

Equipped with a robust suite of tools, Lusha facilitates the discovery and verification of contact information within its extensive database. With 12 distinct contact attributes at your disposal, including:

  • Full names
  • Organization names
  • Job titles
  • Seniority levels
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

These attributes can be used to uncover demographic information about crucial decision-makers at your target companies. You can identify and enrich up to 1,000 contacts per search of the database. You can also find 25 company attributes:

  • Company name
  • A description of the company
  • Website domain
  • Homepage URL
  • Year the company was founded
  • Logo URL
  • Facebook link
  • Twitter link
  • LinkedIn link
  • Company location
  • Country
  • Country code
  • State
  • State code
  • Region
  • City
  • Street
  • Zip code
  • Company contact phone number
  • Industry tags
  • Industry category groups
  • Industry primary group
  • Number of employees
  • Company revenue range
  • Company key people list

These firmographic data points are instrumental in identifying the most suitable targets for your company’s marketing and sales initiatives. Similar to the contact search function, you can retrieve up to 1,000 results with a single company search.

All the data from your contact and company searches can be efficiently transformed into accurate prospect lists. These lists can then be exported to your CRM platform or as a CSV document with just one click. Lusha offers integration with tools including: HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, SalesLoft, Pipedrive, and more.

Below is an exhaustive compilation of the web-based tool’s features:

  • 100+ million business email addresses
  • 60+ million decision-maker contacts
  • 15+ million full company profiles
  • Contact search
  • Company search
  • 12 contact attributes
  • 25 company attributes
  • Technology tracking
  • Seven-step data verification
  • CRM integration
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Instant onboarding
  • Person API
  • Company API

Lusha Pricing Plans and Cost

(Note: The pricing plans are based on current information on Lucha’s company website.)

Lusha offers three pricing plans: Pro, Premium, and Scale. While no free trials are available, there is a free plan. Payment options include monthly and annual contracts, allowing users to save money with the latter.

Here is an overview of Lusha’s plans.


The Lusha free plan is a no-cost option that provides limited access to Lusha’s services. Here’s a breakdown of what the free plan offers:

Plan Name: Free

Cost: $0 per user per month

Credits: 5 credits per month for 1 user

Features included in the Lusha Free Plan:

  • Direct phone numbers:

Users can access direct phone numbers of contacts through the Lusha database.

  • Landline phone numbers:

The plan allows access to landline phone numbers as part of its offering.

  • Email addresses:

Users can access the email addresses of contacts within the database.

  • Basic prospecting platform:

The free plan provides access to Lusha’s basic prospecting platform, allowing users to search for and access basic contact information.

  • Basic Chrome extension:

Users can utilize the basic Chrome extension, enabling easy access to Lusha’s services directly from the Chrome browser.

Although the Lusha free plan offers a taste of its services, it comes with limitations. Users are restricted to only 5 credits per month, which can be used to access contact information from the database. This limited credit cap makes the free plan suitable for those with minimal needs or those who want to explore the platform before committing to a paid plan.


The Pro plan offered by Lusha is priced at $348 per user when billed annually. With this plan, users receive 480 credits upfront for the entire year.

Here’s a detailed explanation of what the Pro plan includes beyond the features of the Free plan:

  • List management:

This feature allows users to efficiently organize and manage their prospect lists within the Lusha platform.

  • List export:

Users can export their organized lists, making using the data outside of the Lusha environment convenient.

  • Basic team management:

The Pro plan offers basic capabilities for managing teams, enabling easier collaboration and coordination among team members within the platform.

  • Shared credit pool:

This feature allows for sharing credits among team members, ensuring efficient use of the allocated credits across the team.

By upgrading to the Pro plan, users can benefit from these additional features, enhancing their ability to manage and utilize the data effectively within their team.


The Premium plan offered by Lusha is designed for small teams with straightforward workflows. Priced at $612 per user when billed annually. The plan provides 960 credits upfront for the entire year. Here’s a detailed explanation of what the Premium plan includes in addition to the features of the Pro plan:

  • Prospecting bulk show:

This feature allows users to view a bulk set of 25 contacts during the prospecting process, facilitating the management and analysis of multiple contacts simultaneously.

  • Extension bulk show:

Users can access a bulk display of 25 contacts through the Lusha browser extension, making it easier to view and extract contact information directly from the browser for multiple contacts at once.

  • Basic usage analytics:

The Premium plan offers basic usage analytics, providing insights into how users use the Lusha platform. These analytics can offer valuable data for optimizing workflows and improving overall efficiency.

By opting for the Premium plan, small teams can benefit from these additional features, enabling more streamlined and efficient management of contact information and utilization of the Lusha platform for their sales and marketing needs.


The Scale plan, tailored for large-scale prospecting, offers a personalized pricing structure, which can be determined after a detailed discussion. This plan provides access to unlimited contacts and enables manual viewing of up to 25 contacts. Here are the features included in the Scale plan, building upon the offerings of the Premium plan:

  • CSV enrichment:

Enhances the capacity to enrich and augment data through CSV files.

  • Prospecting bulk show:

Enables the simultaneous display of a significant volume of 1,000 contacts during the prospecting process.

  • CRM integrations:

Facilitates seamless integration with CRM systems, streamlining data management and workflows.

  • SSO (Single Sign-On):

Offers a secure and efficient way for users to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials.

  • Advanced team management:

Provides sophisticated tools for managing and coordinating teams, ensuring streamlined collaboration and productivity.

  • Customer Success Manager:

Offers dedicated support from a Customer Success Manager, ensuring optimized usage of the Lusha platform to achieve specific business goals.

  • Intent signals:

Provides insights into the intentions of potential leads or contacts, enabling targeted and effective outreach strategies.

  • Job changes:

Delivers real-time updates on job changes within target organizations, enabling timely and relevant engagement with key decision-makers.

  • Technologies:

Offers information on the technologies employed by various companies, facilitating tailored communication and product positioning.

  • CRM enrichment:

Enhances CRM data by providing valuable insights and information, enriching the customer database.

  • Lusha API:

Allows for integration with Lusha’s API, enabling customized and tailored solutions to meet specific business requirements.

Should You Choose Lusha This Year?

At the start of any purchasing decision, you always want the answer to “how you can add value to our sales and marketing efforts?” And at the end of the contract, you look for the answer to “what value did you add to our revenue generation?” So, if the results match the promises, you have found the perfect data partner for your business. Unfortunately, most users didn’t find Lusha a value-for-money investment.

Lusha is a feature-loaded platform. However, you might not consider Lusha your go-to data provider for your next contract. At least the most recent Lusha reviews by the existing customers say so.

Here’s a recent review on G2 from one of their clients about the Premium plan:

G2 Review for Lusha Pricing

Here’s a review where the client found Lusha to be a game-changer but also mentioned the lack of basic functionality and data inaccuracy issues.

G2 Review for Lusha Data Accuracy

Here’s one more recent review on G2 where the user doesn’t look satisfied with the overall experience with Lusha as a B2B data partner.

G2 Review for Lusha Pricing Plans

Consider Your Alternatives to Lusha

If you want to elevate your sales and marketing efforts, SalesIntel is an intelligent choice as the best Lusha alternative. Its exceptional data accuracy, extensive coverage, ethical data practices, seamless integrations, and technological edge offer a superior solution to Lusha and other competitors.

Salesintel pricing vs Lusha pricing

Take the chance to experience the power of SalesIntel firsthand. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today and witness how this platform can unlock untapped potential and drive remarkable growth for your business.

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Access to the right data is the key to success. Trial SalesIntel as your Lusha alternative, and unlock a world of possibilities for your sales and marketing teams. You can request a demo tailored to your target market.