The Monthly Intel: Joining the Big League

The Monthly Intel: Joining the Big League

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A Message from our Founder

I have been working in the B2B data industry in one form or another for the last twenty years, and let me tell you this – it’s never been so competitive. There are dozens of solutions for each category and more arriving, it seems, every other week. But at the same time, the rewards are also now greater than ever. As businesses adopt modern sales and marketing strategies, they need these elegant solutions to make them work. Every company with a sales team is now a potential customer.

The sales intelligence market size is expected to grow from $2.0 billion in 2019 to $3.4 billion in 2024. And we are at this moment, right in the middle of this booming market, and SalesIntel is well-positioned to leverage its true potential.

At just around 3 years old, SalesIntel is technically still an early-stage startup but let me try and put that in some perspective. The success rate of startups in the US is around 10%, and of those who succeed, only 10% achieve a $10M ARR. Guess what? We already are in the top 1%, and we got there sooner than anyone expected.

No, we didn’t get lucky. Although SalesIntel started a few years ago, the innovation and data computation started half a decade earlier with numerous patents to our name. We were the leader in contact data the day we entered the market. Since then, we have only continued to scale our product with new features and partnerships with other segment leaders.

At the end of the day, we want SalesIntel to be a full-funnel solution that delivers the most value to our customers. And for many users, we are already there. While other sales intelligence platforms provide similar data and features, there are two specificities that I’d like to mention:

Human-Verification – The reason SalesIntel delivers the highest data accuracy in the industry is that we do something no one else does – manually verify each piece of contact information before we let our customers export it. Trust me, it’s not easy. It takes massive amounts of resources and effort, but when compared with the value our customers get out of it, it’s always worth it.

Research-on-Demand – We don’t just provide the data we have. We promise to get our customers the data they need even if we don’t have it. Send us a data request, and our team can have verified contact information back to you within two days, often within hours of the request. That’s a unique service in the industry to help our customers expand their reach and get ahead of their competition.

On top of that, the SalesIntel platform serves as a fusion of industry-leading B2B data across all categories. From contact and firmographics to technographic and intent, we have all you need for success.

And yet, we are just getting started.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see a lot of exciting news coming out of SalesIntel. With numerous new products lined up, we will be massively scaling our offerings and reach to solve more problems and bring innovation to our customers.

It’s no longer just about data. We want our customers to succeed, and we will bring every solution we can to make that happen. Be it analytics, enablement, or training, SalesIntel will pave the way to help businesses grow and in the process plot our own growth trajectory.

Manoj Ramnani

Upcoming Events:

How Data Can Drive Relevancy at Scale

Prospects respond to software vendors that can solve their problems more so than by you knowing their favorite baseball team.

In order to create highly targeted, relevant campaigns that will drive your revenue, your data has to be accurate and systematized. Yet, with CRM data decaying at an average of 30% per year, creating those hyper-effective campaigns becomes a challenge. This is why data enrichment is key to driving revenue and can even increase the number of opportunities in your pipeline by 60%!

Join us for this tactical session where Mark Shalinsky PhD., Chief Optimization Officer at Data Sales Science, and Raj Khera, Head of Growth at SalesIntel, discuss how you can take your data to the next level so you can run campaigns that will be topically relevant to your prospects.

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Event Recaps:

The Top Five Modern Outbound Plays for Next-Level Sales

The modern buyer is numbed to cold calls and emails, and they’re easily turned off by irrelevant, canned messages. And yet many team’s outbound sales strategies are slow to change.

With the digital selling landscape rapidly evolving, how are top sales teams building sales sequences that provide as much value to the customer as they do results for the seller?

The key is to elevate the experience for the buyer by delivering value and nurturing the relationship at every turn. The 5 sales plays we’ll cover in this webinar are designed to modernize your cold outbound and allow sales reps to build a dialogue and digital relationship with their prospects. Watch the recap to learn how you can create a digital selling experience that converts at every level.

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Client Success:

EvolveBPM: 10X Jump in Email Engagements Using SalesIntel

“SalesIntel makes my pitch 5X stronger” – Chief Mentor & Advisor at EvolveBPM

EvolveBPM is a global marketing consultant and solutions provider that signed up for SalesIntel to extend their reach and have more conversations by leveraging mobile numbers. That, coupled with intent data and technographic allowed them to plan and execute much more robust and effective sales campaigns with better performance.

“The results that we got and the ROI that my customers got out of that was significantly, much, much higher than just a generic email campaign will bring to the table” – Chief Mentor & Advisor at EvolveBPM, LLC.

Read the full case study to learn how they used SalesIntel to build better processes and run targeted campaigns that delivered 10X results.

Top Whitepaper of the Month:

Get the Whitepaper: Determining the Return on Investment for Your Marketing Strategy

80% of global marketers struggle to make the connection between digital activities and company revenue. Are you in the remaining 20%?

The problem with calculating your Marketing ROI starts with the definition of a sales lead and goes way beyond conversion rates, channel attributions, and much more. So how do you precisely determine the value of individual campaigns and your marketing ROI as a whole?

This whitepaper dives deep into the dynamics of marketing and contains tactical steps and techniques you can adopt to reliably identify value and determine the ROI for your marketing strategy.

The key highlights include:

  • Calculating the True Cost of a Lead
  • The Cost of Lead Generation for Digital Platforms
  • The Cost of Lead Generation for Telemarketing
  • Impact of Quality vs. Volume of Leads

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Top eBook of the Month:

Ebook: B2B Sales Playbook – Sync Your Team to Create Sales Harmony

Sales teams that have a playbook always outperform those that don’t.

It takes a strong B2B sales strategy to sell something to an industry where the buying cycle is long, competition stiff, and prospects hard to find.

The key challenge is sustaining and growing in ever-changing marketing trends, especially in the age of AI and machine learning. You need to get people to trust your product, help them sign up to see the value, and then eventually convert them into customers.

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