Recap: The Top Five Modern Outbound Plays for Next-Level Sales

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The modern buyer is numbed to cold calls and emails, and they’re easily turned off by irrelevant, canned messages. And yet many team’s outbound sales strategies are slow to change.

With the digital selling landscape rapidly evolving, how are top sales teams building sales sequences that provide as much value to the customer as they do results for the seller?

The key is to elevate the experience for the buyer by delivering value and nurturing the relationship at every turn. The 5 sales plays we’ll cover in this webinar are designed to modernize your cold outbound and allow sales reps to build a dialogue and digital relationship with their prospects. We hope you’ll join us and learn how you can create a digital selling experience that converts at every level.

Attendees will learn:

  • 5 outbound plays they can leverage in their strategies
  • Tactical examples for each play
  • Best practices to drive engagement
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Meet the Presenters

Jake Dunlap

Jake Dunlap


Jake Dunlap consistently designs repeatable, sustainable sales models and processes that outperform industry standards. As the Founder + CEO of Skaled Consulting, Jake helps executives around the world accelerate business growth with data-backed sales solutions. Before building Skaled, he held the roles of VP of Sales at Nowait (acquired by Yelp), Head of Sales + Customer Success at Chartbeat, and VP of Sales at Glassdoor (acquired by Recruit Holdings for $1.2 billion dollars in 2018).

Raj Khera

Raj Khera, CEO and CMO


Raj Khera is a past CEO and CMO of 3 SaaS businesses that were successfully sold to public companies, including MailerMailer, an email marketing software business that sent over 1 billion emails per year on behalf of its clients. Raj serves on several nonprofit boards and is the author of the bestselling marketing book, The IT Marketing Crash Course.